Known issues of Eldes Security app v2.1.0 (with Video integration)

Common Android and iOS issues

  1. Sometimes application might not show all records in event history, even though videos are correctly recorded in external storage (microSD).
  2. WiFi only shows list of available networks. For the moment possibility to connect to different network is disabled.
  3. When trying to add new camera, incorrect „Wrong Password“ message might be shown after failed attempt, even if password is correct.
  4. During camera to zone assignment, all zones from the alarm system are displayed even if they are not active/enabled.
  5. “Usage of mobile data” message only shown 1 time after first livestream view, though it should inform about data usage everytime.
  6. Push notification is being sent from previous user if master account was change on the same mobile device before for another 24hours.
  7. Constantly refreshing temperature tab with more than 5 temperature sensors shown, crashes the application.
  8. Saving screenshots and recording from livestream if phone memory is full, causes no error message and saves empty files in the folder.
  9. Random design issues (in some languages phrases do not fit into buttons, words overlap icons, incorrect strings, etc.).

Android OS issues

  1. Very rarely after viewing several video records in a row, might crash the application.
  2. Some specific cameras have issues when trying to change its password via Android application.

iPhone OS issues

  1. Recording on HD quality does not work with camera models which support H.265 encoded video, because of iOS incompatibility with this standard.

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