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We are a Lithuanian multinational technology company that has been developing professional home security solutions for over 15 years and our brand is represented in 70 countries. We are keen on promoting the highest possible return on partnerships. By providing the best quality standard of the products, our partners can rely on us as a stable source of income.

To become our partner, get in contact with the ELDES team.

 Why do business with us

Research & Development department

Our own R&D team consists of highly competitive and professional engineers and IT specialists who develop one of the best smart home security devices in the market.

Competitive margins

Our partners get much higher margins compared to worldwide security industry averages with just as high quality as our competitors’.

White-label our products

Offer our home security solutions and mobile application under your brand name. It will allow you to focus on sales rather than time consuming product development process.


We know that the market in your country may need some exclusive features so we’ve got a range of flexible products which can be customized as well as a professional team which will help to implement your ideas.

8 languages

Our multinational experience allows to communicate with the partners in their own language. We speak in 8 different languages and will do our utmost to provide you the best experience.

High European quality

All of our products are assembled in Lithuania. We can ensure a high quality as well as the best experience for your customer.

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