Giedrius Eldes diegejas

Home security and automation technology is moving at a tremendous pace. And, as the famous jazz musician Duke Ellington used to sing ‘Things ain’t what they used to be’. Our installers know that and that’s why so many of them are joining the Eldes Academy to bring their knowledge of home security and automation technology up to date.

Giedrius is a professional installer who has experienced the Academy at first hand — and he is now using his knowledge to help other installers and customers as an Eldes Customer Support Engineer.

Big career potential

Earlier in his career, Giedrius worked as an assistant to an electrician, but he really wanted to find a specialty where he could develop his skills. “That’s where I came across home security systems,” he recalls. “As I learned more and more about the technology, I saw the endless potential of what can be done with security systems. That’s an area I really liked.”

He was particularly impressed by the concept of monitoring and controlling security systems from any location, as he explains. “It is very helpful for customers and installers to be able to monitor and control the system with a single touch of the finger or by setting automation rules, with no need to intervene.”

As Giedrius points out, “Remote monitoring and control give installers full information about system status and that helps them quickly diagnose any problems. But, that’s far from the end of the list of what Eldes can do!”

The value of product knowledge

His desire to find out more about the full potential of home security systems led Giedrius to join the Eldes Academy. “It’s essential to know the products that you are going to offer your future customers — and know them inside-out,” he says. “As an installer, you’ve got to have detailed knowledge of everything from technical specifications to systems capabilities, so you can decide which solution is best for your customers.”

“However, trying to learn by yourself is a really tough task,” he adds. “So, I would recommend taking part in the type of practical training sessions, seminars and hands-on demonstrations that Eldes Academy offers. You also get unique advice and insight straight from the manufacturer! It really is the best choice for any installer who wants to really understand and use the full potential of Eldes products.”

Entry to the Academy is free and provides a three-day full course. One day of the course introduces Eldes products and includes general information on home security and automation technology. The other two days are for small groups of up to six people with practical demonstrations of installations. Installers work with Eldes Utility software on configuration and try some practical home automation scenarios.

Giedrius graduated from the Academy as a certified Eldes Security Systems Expert in January 2018, but that wasn’t the end of the story. One of the benefits available to certified installers is that they can get direct access to Eldes Customer Service professionals for fast expert advice. Giedrius took advantage of this service and was in regular contact with members of the support team. “They helped me a lot,” he says. “That gives you real confidence when you’re working on site.”

Professional support counts

The team must have been impressed by the interest and product knowledge Giedrius demonstrated when he called because, in November, he received a call from the Customer Support Manager offering him a job on the team as Customer Support Engineer.

He wasn’t entirely certain at first, he recalls. “I had figured out that my true calling was to install home security systems. But, the opportunity to learn more about Eldes products, become a part of the systems that I am installing for my customers and help other installers really intrigued me.”

Giedrius decided to accept the role on a part-time basis so that he could continue to develop his skills and experience as an installer. “Now I am an installer who is also working as a Customer Support Engineer for products that I really like,” he says. “That’s a great combination because I get the chance to learn and share knowledge of products I maybe hadn’t tried myself.”

As a Customer Support Engineer, Giedrius sees his role as the voice of the customer as an essential part of the job. “We analyze their problems and requests, and take them to the product development team,” he explains. “So we are an important link helping our company to improve products so they meet the real needs of our customers.”

This dual role as installer and Customer Support Engineer makes multi-tasking the biggest challenge in his career, but Giedrius believes it’s only a matter of time before he adjusts to the pace and moves to the next level.

Boost your career opportunities

If you are considering boosting your career as an Eldes-certified installer, the type of practical experience and knowledge that Giedrius’ gained at the Eldes Academy could prove invaluable. Home automation and security is a fast-growing market with great opportunities for the right people.

Currently, the Academy is only available in Lithuania, but we would be happy to extend this important service to other countries if there is sufficient demand. If you are based in another country and would like to join the Academy, please complete the registration form belo so we can gauge the interest.

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