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Latest ELDES news and updates

Smart ELDES security solutions have been improved. Connect any IP camera supporting RTSP streaming protocol to a free ELDES Security App with no limitations on brands or quantity. Security and video monitoring via cameras in a single user-friendly app will make your client feel more comfortable and secure. Find more information about the latest update here.

Single app for security and video monitoring

Direct video & sound streaming

No limits on brands or numbers of cameras

Easy IP camera connection to the app

ELDES Utility Installers Area is a professional software’s upgrade for installers, developed from the feedback of our customers. The software is designed for extremely fast installations and convenient system maintenance. This is a handy installer‘s workplace with lots of thoughtful features and capabilities that are barely seen in the market!

With Installers Area tool, you can now manage your objects more conveniently, having all your ELDES installations and other relevant data in one place. Do you want to find your previous installations? Just connect to their configuration locally or remotely and you are done! All configuration files – just one click away! Besides, you will definitely notice that now it is much easier to administrate your installations and solve any technical issues. Like taking notes and comments about your installations? You will now find the comments field in your installation section to make it much more informative. Save your time managing existing installations – make money on new ones! Find more about this update here.

Russia breaks the pandemic silence of security events in Securica Moscow 2021

The pandemic brought many changes in our lives and business. After the long silence period of security events globally, Russia breaks the silence with Securica Moscow 2021 – the 27th international exhibition of security and fire protection market from 13th to 16th of April.  In total, the exhibition was attended by 16,529 security industry professionals from 79 regions of Russia and 31 countries.
ELDES was one of 11 international participants in this event and presented smart security and gate control solutions with our local distributor in Russia Sunros. We have noticed a huge number of visitors, among which there were many new potential customers. It was great to see our customers and talk about the latest product news and market trends.  from security market.


ELDES gate control system ESIM320 presented LIVE in Mexico

Our partner in Mexico, Syscom, having more than 55 000 subscribers in their YouTube channel, organized a live event for their customers to introduce gate controller ESIM320 – a full parking administration system in one device.

ELDES was chosen to secure a huge book shop in Russia

ELDES equipment protects an attractive architectural object, located in the center of St. Petersburg in Russia. The city is situated on the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea, with a population of roughly 5.4 million residents.
A 3 floors building has a fascinating façade and high ceilings. The “Bookvoed” bookstore with 3 separate entrances is the biggest secured object of security company FORSAD, fully installed by ELDES wireless devices.

30 pcs of ELDES wireless security sensors and a wireless keypad were installed in all three floors of the store. This example proves that the last generation of ELDES PRO wireless devices provides the reliable security even in such large objects. And no repeaters are needed. Choosing ELDES you will save your project budget and enjoy intuitive and easy to install solutions.

Grow your customer data base with ELDES Academies

ELDES Academy, which was 1st organized in Lithuania almost 3 years ago, has now expanded globally. In Q1 2021, together with our partners, we have certified more than 100 ELDES installers in Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Slovakia and Czech Republic. As the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, depending on the situation in different country, our partners organize the academy either in-person or online. Would you like to organize ELDES Academy in your country? Contact us and we will share our know-how, prepared training materials and provide a training for your smooth start.

ELDES Academy Online was created to expand the success of physical ELDES Academies and make them available to our wide partner network. Boost your career, gain new tools and skills, choose any online course by individual needs, learn on your own schedule. After the passing test successfully, get a  certificate and be able to receive special offers for certified partners. ELDES Academy Online is available in English, Italian, Russian and French. We have certified installers from New Zeland to Côte d’Ivoire. Where are you? You can get your certificate with a single click here.


Did you know, that you can update the firmware of ESIM 384 or Pitbull Alarm Pro over-the-air (FOTA)? Save your time and complete updates via your mobile phone wherever you are. Especially convenient for the pandemic situation, as you can make the updates for your customers remotely. Check the latest FW updates here.

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