Monitoring station IP receiver


What is it and what it does?

IP Receiver Software EGR100, receives information from Eldes control panels via GPRS and converts it to the popular MLR2-DG format used by third party monitoring stations.

EGR100 creates a virtual COM port, collects data from the alarm control panels and forwards it to monitoring station software.

Main features

  • Supports industry standard: MLR2- DG (Surgard)

  • Supports ELDES control panels

  • Operating systems: XP/Vista/7

  • Free download and support

  • Up to 10 000 objects

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the prices of ELDES production?

To get the prices of the devices please check ELDES disributors‘ Internet sites. Otherwise, feel free to contact out partners in your country/city by telephone or e-mail.

Can I purchase ELDES devices directly from you?

You can purchase ELDES production only from our distributors. If you have any ideas or intentions to create a new nonstandart device or suggestions how to improve our current devices contact us directly or our partners in your country.

Where can I purchase ELDES devices if your distributors are not available in my country?

Feel free to contact us.


  1. Before updating EGR100 to v3.07 make sure there is no Unit ID 0000 available in All devices list
  2. For correct EGR100 operation Unit ID value can not be 0000
  3. Otherwise EGR100 v3.07 will inform you about it with a COMM TROUBLE for all devices which have Unit ID 0000
  4. To avoid this you could change Unit ID by using this methods:
    • Change Unit ID for device using EGR100 (right click on device -> Important cmd -> Change UnitID)
    • Change Unit ID using REMOTE connection to device
    • Change Unit ID by going physically to the site
  1. Only after performing this procedure proceed with the update.

File specifications

Supported operating systems (OS)Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/10
Software versionv3.07.03
Release date2022-08-01

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