What is it?

ELAN3-ALARM acts as an Ethernet communicator, enhancing the ESIM384 by introducing an extra wired communication channel. This feature streamlines communication with Eldes cloud services or monitoring station software receivers, supporting widely-used protocols like SIA IP,EGR100 IP and Kronos IP. The simple configuration makes it a breeze to install this communicator.

What it does?

This versatile product enables seamless integration by offering the option to connect either ESIM384 or previous generation security panels to the Eldes Security platform alternatively using ethernet connection.

It simplifies the remote connection process, allowing users to reach the device at any time without the need for additional initiation steps.

ELAN3-ALARM is ideal for locations with unreliable GSM/GPRS connections. It functions as an extra backup link to the monitoring station, providing an added layer of security for installations that require unmatched level of protection.


Power supply10-24V 50Hz ~ 210mA max. / 10-24V 210mA max.
Supported Ethernet connectivity10/100 Mbit
Humidity0-90% RH @ 0… +40 °C (non-condensing)
Operating temperature rangerange-20…+55 °C
Dimensions63×82×17 mm



Which Security panels are supported by ELAN3-ALARM?

ESIM384, ESIM364, ESIM264.


How to check if ELAN3-ALARM is correctly connected to Security panel?

Check R485 bus connection status in Eldes Utility.

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