ELDES for more than 6 years is known as the manufacturer of modern non-standard microprocessor and analog electronics and automation equipment working in GSM network.

Company seeking for continuous improvement and successful competitiveness in the international market, since January 2011 were implementing the project “E-business Solution Integration to Cover “Eldes”, JSC Needs” by the EU 2007-2013 “Economic Growth Action Programme” 2nd Priority “Increasing Business Productivity and Business Environment Improvement” Measure “E-Business”.

The main aims of the project were to optimize the company’s internal and external business processes; increase its productivity; improve service quality; and increase business competitiveness. Specialized e-business solution was designed and installed in the company to satisfy company needs to optimize production and service delivery process. The project was co-funded by EU with 19,300.00 Lithuanian litas and Eldes contributed to the project with the same financial investment – 19,300.00 Lt.

Rolandas Dranseika, managing director of Eldes, is pleased that by the end of march 2012 company was able to fully implement the idea of ​​optimizing the business processes by installing e-business solution. Financial assistance received from European Union has made possible for the company to effectively manage its internal and external business processes. Increased productivity and improved conditions of commercial activities will improve company’s successful competitiveness in foreign countries and will contribute to further successful international business development.

For more information please contact: [email protected] +370 5 2635437

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