Thank you for attending our webinar: HOME AUTOMATION SCENARIOS AND HOW TO SET-UP THEM WITH ESIM384

During our webinar we have shared our knowledge and gave the practical examples with different home automation scenarios and how to set-up them using Eldes Utility Tool.

The following topics have been discussed:

How to start?

Practical examples:

  • Light automation;
  • Ventilation automation;
  • Temperature automation;
  • Gates control via Eldes Security app and EWKB5 when arming/disarming partition;
  • Gates control via Eldes Security App and EWKB5 when turning on output;
  • Gates control by scheduler;

If you have missed our webinar, please find the video recording below. 

Please find all questions and answers below

Q: Is it possible to use more than one temperature and trigger and the output?
A: Yes, it is possible to perform automation on different temperatures on same Output, however you have to use different temperature sensors (they might be in same location). You can find this practical example in our webinar video record and in the practical automation examples we have prepared here. On examples specified three different temperature sensors were used, what proves you can use more than one temperature sensor to trigger the output. You can use up to 8 temperature sensors for different home automation scenarios.

Q: Is it possible to use the automation feature for controlling the lights manually from Eldes Security app for end – user?
A: Yes, please check Eldes Security Application -> Outputs section. Turn ON or turn OFF PGM outputs and control electronic devices that are connected to them.

Q: Is it possible to perform automation for outputs control on full system arm and stay arm?
A: Yes, you can perform automation for outputs on full system arm and stay arm, but in this case you will be needed to separate full arm and stay arm to different partitions and select automation action according your required partition.

Q: I have heard that Dahua cameras can be connected to the Eldes panel and send push notification and picture from the area that the alarm occurred.
A: Dahua cameras that are connected to panel can be linked with different zone. After having an alarm from that zone where camera is linked, end-user will be receiving push notification on Eldes Security app that will indicate alarmed zone name and icon of camera. After pressing on camera icon, the end-user will be having live view from that camera and will be able to check what‘s happening in customer premises. And depending on Dahua camera recording options (it can record video from movement detected, from sound, etc.) end-user will be able to view recorded video on Eldes Security app. Snapshots can be captured by pressing of live stream on Eldes Security app.

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