Install Eldes products and get a free Lenovo Tablet

We are giving away Lenovo Ideatab 4 10-X103F tablet to you, our beloved client. New Eldes Utility tool will look amazing on new 10-inch screen. 

Get a free tablet in 3 simple steps:

1. Install 10 new generation Eldes alarm panels: ESIM384 or Pitbull PRO.
2. Register all the installations on Eldes Utility tool.
3. We will get in contact with the winners on the 1st of March, 2018!

Promotional terms and conditions

1. Introduction

Promotion lasts up until the 1st of March, 2018.  In order to receive a gift, a person (installer hereunder) will have to install 10 or more Eldes alarm systems ESIM384 or Pitbull Alarm PRO before the indicated due date.

2. Promotion

In order to take part in this promotion, certain terms apply: 1) first of all, installer must install and use Eldes Utility software (version v1.4.0 or higher); 2) another very important condition is that during the installation process installer has to be connected to his own Eldes Utility account and maintain permanent Internet connection when installing the alarm system 3) finally, the alarm system ESIM384 must be powered from the main power supply throughout the installation process, not just connected via USB cable. This condition applies to every alarm system that is planned to be installed. When the promotion ends, authorized representatives from company Eldes will contact those winners of the promotion via personal email/ phone (or via both) and will arrange gift’s delivery details.

3. Limits

We want you to pay close attention to the fact that the current promotion is limited to 1 gift per person (1 Tablet), e.g. in case when the same person (installer) installs 20 or more Eldes alarm systems before the due date, nevertheless that person will receive ONLY 1 gift.

Gifts (Lenovo Ideatab 4 10-X103F tablets) will be rewarded after the due date of promotion has passed, i.e. after 1st of March, 2018. Employees of the company Eldes, as well as Eldes partners staff or any resellers and are not allowed to participate in the promotion.

4. Termination of the promotion

The company “Eldes, JSC” reserves the right to terminate the promotion before the due date is reached, if the company assume that the ongoing promotion defeats the primary purpose; to be exact – if there are not enough participants or the number of participants noticeably exceeds the primary expectation, or in case if the organizer reasonably suspects abuse of any terms/ violation of conditions, etc. and publically notifies everyone about the termination of the current promotion at the companies website, non later than 14 (fourteen) days before the promotion is terminated.

5. Personal data

There is a checkbox ”I agree with Terms and Conditions of this promotion“ at the bottom of this regulations which has to be marked in order to confirm that the participant has acknowledged all Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, marking the checkbox means that the participant understands, confirms and agrees without any objections to share and manage his/her personal details (i.e. name, surname, contact details) while the promotion lasts. You are allowed to participate in the promotion ONLY when you agree to share and manage your personal details.

If You have any questions and concerns, please contact us.

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