Welcome to #eldeshack – a 48-hour event, where the best developers, designers, product, project and marketing managers meet to create their safety and comfort solution of the future.

You will get a great mentorship and create your dream safety product in one weekend.


The scope of this Hackathon is Home/Business/Personal safety and comfort solution products of the future. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:


  1. Smarter and safer solutions for home or office (SMB).

We face new home & office security threats almost every day – we leave our homes barely secured when we’re at work, we place our apartments for rent when we’re on long holidays or we make a living out of this. However, most of the households still use the same (or very similar) technology which was created 15 years ago. It‘s neither very secure nor user-friendly. With this challenge we expect you to create some sort of device or a system which would make today‘s homes and offices #smart and #secure.


2. Solutions to make your life easier: transform your standard devices into smart #IoT.

We are used to be always connected and have everything in one place –a phone . But there are many devices and professional equipment that was made before wide spread of Internet. Will it be reliable professional equipment or tracker for Your dog? It’s up to You to define.


3. #Private safety solutions for yourself or your loved ones.

With this one we challenge you to create something that would make you sleep at night a lot better, knowing that you and your family are safer and you’d (or some sort of services) be notified quickly if they’re not. Child safety or elderly care, maybe electrified fence of flame thrower on Your bellowed car – let your imagination run wild!

You are not limited by these challenges. Have something great in mind? Surprise us!


  • Developer;
  • Business/ enterprise/ software architect;
  • Quality assurance (QA);
  • Research and development (R&D);
  • Project manager;
  • Product manager;
  • Marketing manager;
  • Accounting specialist;
  • Designer;
  • Creative (visuals, graphic designer etc.);
  • Analytic;
  • And more…


Impactful #securityproduct challenges to work on with the leading tech experts and launching new generation security products.

The best opportunity to accelerate your ideas and make them go live to the security market worldwide.

Firsthand knowledge from leading experts and visionaries from the security market field and business.

Professional mentors and consultants to lead the team during solution creation process.

€ 1000 in cash reward for the 1st place winner team.


On Friday evening, everyone will be introduced to the current situation of security market, future product trends and market needs.

Everyone will be introduced to the mentors and will be able to receive the answers for the great start. Friday will be the great day for the great start of the first hack night.

Saturday will start with the mentorship session. The teams will be challenged by our great mentors and led to their success and trained how to make a perfect sales pitch on Saturday evening.

Sunday is the final day to finish the team ideas and sales pitches. Be sure to have a team leader, who will present your team sales pitch on stage.

We want everyone feel comfortable, so bring your family and friends. Let this event be fun for everybody.


Antakalnio St. 17, Vilnius LT-10312, Lithuania. Press HERE to get the map.

Nope, you can create your solution remotely or chose any other preferable place for Your work, but keep in mind, that that You will have a limited time resource – 48 hours at most. Be sure to keep focused and prepare on time.

Nope, but we offer to come with your idea and some research done. This will save your time during the event and lead to a greater success.

Nope, you can participate alone or with a team. If you will come alone, you will choose the team, which fits you best during the 1st day of the event.

Laptop with a charger and any other accessories for Your personal productivity. Sleeping bag; personal hygiene pack; anything that You will need for upcoming 48 hours to feel comfortable and productive.

Yes, the food, snacks and refreshing drinks will be provided during the event.  The only thing you will need to take care of, will be your team’s result.

  • Your idea and solution should be oriented to solve the customer’s problem;
  • Your idea and solution should have a real sales channel and available delivery options;
  • Your idea and solution should have complexity to provide it to the market;
  • Your idea and solution should have good user experience and design;
  • Your idea and solution should have a deeper business case, competitive analysis and product visuals to be accepted for the winning stage.

Yes. To attend the event Eldes employees has the same rules as other teams, just they will not compete for the main prize. Special Eldes prize will be provided for the ELDES winning team.



1000 eur



Nerijus Ivanausas


Experienced business development, marketing and sales executive. 20+ years managing various marketing and business development, product teams in the leading technological companies.

Rokas Pečiulaitis

Rokas Pečiulaitis

Managing Partner @Contrarian Ventures

Previously inflation and derivatives trader at Bank of America Merrill Lynch based out of London. He was overseeing the launch of an Aviation investment vehicle at Avia Solution Group.

Vilius Juraitis

Vilius Juraitis

CEO @Deeper

Experienced in leading business with strategic growth initiatives, business development and implementation of customer-driven changes and strategy support.

Renata Urbone

Renata Urbonė

CEO @Leaneria

Change maker, entrepreneurship and innovation expert with +20 years of experience in ICT & consulting. Expert Evaluator of projects and applications for financing, business ideas.


Oliver Goh

CEO @Iamus

25 years of experience of technological innovation for the real estate industry, smart cities and infrastructure. Oliver Goh worked closely with IBM and SAP developing the integration of sensors into mirror worlds. In 2016 Oliver founded Iamus and its core offering is an innovative Service Delivery Framework and set of services blending the technologies of smart sensors, social networks, mobile and virtual worlds.


Donatas Malinauskas

Donatas Malinauskas

Chief Innovation Officer @Deeper

Provider of technological advantage for the companies. 15+ years of experience creating new ITC products and service, managing creative teams, creating new products, improve business processes in the most effective way.

Tomas Jancys

Tomas Jančys

CEO @Mediafon Technology

Specializing in how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help optimize processes, make better decisions and achieve better results. He has deep knowledge of all areas of the telecoms business and experience in business and service development and product monetization.

Dovydas Melinskas

Dovydas Mėlinskas

Head of Products & Marketing @ELDES

Chief of Marketing & Product Management with an experience in the IoT & telecommunications, consumer electronics and smart home security industries. Skilled in challenging teams and motivating them to reach the best business results by thinking broadly and taking different approaches. Customer experience – most important.

Vaidas Šerpetauskas

Vaidas Šerpetauskas

Hardware Technical Lead @ELDES

Experienced and highly skilled consumer electronics industry professional and engineer. Has a deep expertise in electronic products development.

Arnoldas Lukosius

Arnoldas Lukošius

Musician, journalist, technology & science enthusiast

Immense background of experience as musician, journalist, technology and innovations presenter. Arnoldas critical thinking and ability to evaluate whole solution are  key skills to success.

Arturas Vegelius

Artūras Vegėlius, CISA

Compliance and Data Protection Consultant @ Advantio Ltd

Certified information security auditor, experienced project manager and information security consultant with 16+ years of experience in developing various information systems and IT projects. Marketing and Communications Director @ ISACA Lithuania.

Gabija Platukyte

Gabija Platukytė

Senior designer @etiquette

Commited packaging designer and devoted traveler. 10 years of experience in the field and still excited about the process. Specially interested in creating impactful packaging. Has a know-how in creating dielines as well as using the sensoric effects to make WOW effect.


Friday 31/05/2019

18:00 – Registration

18:30 – Welcome & Opening

18:45 – Pitches start

19:30 – Snacks&team formation

20:30 – Open question session with Mentors and specialists

23:00 – Pizzzzzaaaaa time

Saturday 1/06/2019

9:00 – Breakfast

11:00 – 14:00 – Mentorship session

14:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Back to creation

17:00 – Pitch training session/Status check

18:00 – Back to creation

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Back to creation

Sunday 2/06/2019

9:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Back to creation

12:30 – Pitch Drills

14:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Status check

16:00 – Submission deadline (Presentation)

17:00 – Final pitch session (3+3)

18:30 – Award ceremony

19:00 – Afterparty & networking