Major upgrades on ESIM384


Expand your installation possibilities using our upgraded alarm panel and new generation accessories with exceptional wireless range!

We introduce the latest firmware update on award-winning alarm panel ESIM384:

2x more – 64 wireless devices (144 wired and wireless zones)

Possibility to turn on/off the EWKB4 keypad’s buzzer on entry delay

Customizable zone number indication on EKB3 and EWKB4 keypads

Improved ELAN3 Ethernet module and Eldes Cloud services


Download the latest firmware update or contact your local distributor for more information. Full note of ESIM384 latest release is available to download.

New features is a part of our vision for new generation wireless security system as well as implementation of requests and suggestions from our clients. In the near feature we are going release Pitbull PRO 3G version and implement the configuration of ET083 communicator on Eldes Utility. Stay tuned!

We have prepared most relevant questions about update of ESIM384 below:

How to update the ESIM384 firmware?

Visit our firmware page, find and download the latest ESIM384 firmware. Note: you can install locally or remotely using firmware over the air (FOTA) function.

Why did Eldes increase the number of wireless devices?

Increased number of wireless devices was one of the most popular request from our clients. Greatly improved wireless devices work smoothly but some of our clients lacked room for additional wireless devices in order to secure large objects. Now clients are able to do it without any problems!

Do I need to buy new ESIM384 panel in order to get increased number of wireless devices?

No, we didn’t make any hardware changes on ESIM384. All you have to do is download the latest firmware and install it to alarm panel.

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