Eldes Cloud services migration

Dear Clients,

We would like to inform you about the upcoming changes related to the Eldes Cloud Services on our website and mobile application. We are moving onto more advanced and reliable servers which will dramatically improve quality of products and services.

At the same time we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of new “Eldes Security” application with updated design and functionality. On the 12th of December 2017 “Eldes Security” application will automatically update into new version.

Eldes Cloud Security” web services will be terminated from the 12th of December 2017. Multiple device support, migration and creation of user accounts will be still available on the new “Eldes Security” mobile app.

During the 12th of December server downtime (for 2 hours) will cause delays. For this period of time please remember that Eldes provides other multiple ways to control your system – by call, SMS, keyfob and keypad.

New “Eldes Security” mobile application

It is a great pleasure to announce about our 3rd generation of Eldes Security mobile application for iOS and Android devices which will replace the current application. The core changes in design and user-friendly interface will make everyone love it. For more information about the application and its’ main features please visit our website at https://eldesalarms.com/product/eldes-security-app/

Download quick user guide for mobile app

We have prepared most relevant questions about new application below:

When will the new application be available?

The new “Eldes Security” application will be available on the 12th of December, 2017.

How to update the application?

Update will automatically roll for users who have automatic updates function enabled on their devices. To enable the function please go to your Google Play/App Store account settings.

Important: devices that were offline for longer than a month will not be transferred to the new server.

What will happen if application will not update automatically?

Users will have to manually update the application via Google play or Apple Store services by simply searching for “Eldes Security” application and pressing update button. The user will be automatically logged in if the “Remember me” setting is enabled. All of the user data will remain the same.

Important: devices that were offline for longer than a month will not be transferred to the new server.

What should I do if Smartphone Application does not update automatically or manually to new version for more than one day after new version release?

If Application can not be updated manually or automatically through App store or Google Play, you might have to restart your alarm panel. Please follow thеse steps below to complete restart of the system.
If SIM card is used with the panel, send SMS command xxxx RESET (xxxx – SMS password) to the panel from one of the administrator‘s telephone number.
Alternatively, alarm panel can be restarted by disconnecting mains power supply and back up battery from the panel then reconnecting the backup battery back and restoring the mains power supply.

Important! Do not attempts to restart alarm panel by main power disconnection if in doubt, contact your installer for assistance.
Please note, before restarting Pitbull or Pitbull PRO enable the Service mode, if possible, otherwise tamper alarm will be generated when opening front plastic cover for back up battery disconnection.

What about log-in credentials?

There is no need to worry. We will securely transfer all data with your login details and “Remember me” setting if it was enabled.

In case your forgot the password just use “Remember password” function and the password reminder will be sent to your registered email.

What will happen with the old application?

The old application will be disabled as soon as the new version will be released.

Which operating systems will support new application?

New Eldes application will be supported by Android 4.4, iOS 8 and higher versions of both operating systems.

Will all of Eldes alarm systems support new application?

The following systems will not support Eldes Security app:
•ESIM364 (FW up to V02.10.00)

We strongly recommend replacing ESIM264 and EPIR2 with newer generation of Eldes alarm panels.

The updates of ESIM364 firmware are available on our website at: https://eldesalarms.com/download-firmwares/. Please read the manual or contact your local installer before updating the firmware of alarm panel.

Migration To New Server

To greatly improve server’s stability and overall quality, the server will be down for maintenance works on the 12th of December. At the same time all data of “Eldes Cloud” users will be transferred to new server.

Main improvements of new server:

  • Higher level of security
  • More stable and faster functionality
  • Larger capacity
  • Professional service team
  • Constant server load monitoring

Notice! Following data will NOT be transferred to the new server:
•Security system events
•Devices that were offline for longer than a month
•Users who were inactive for longer than a month

“Eldes Cloud Security” Website EOL

We received multiple feedback from our customers about preferable integration of Eldes application and decided to merge it with our new mobile application. Such main features as account migration, new user account creation, remote monitoring of multiple devices will be available on the new app.

“Eldes Cloud Security” service website will be disabled on the 12.12.2017
“Eldes Cloud Gate” service website will stay active for further usage

We have prepared most relevant questions about new application below:

What will happen with Eldes Cloud account?

Account details with full list of products and settings will be automatically transferred when logging in new “Eldes Security” mobile application.

The mobile application will automatically update or you will be able to download it on the 12th of December at Google Play or App Store.

What will happen with active devices inside the account?

The list of active devices will be available on the new application under the area called “locations”.

What login should I use to start using application?

Please use same login credentials as for “Eldes Cloud Security” website. Your account will be called “master” and will allow to control all other user accounts.

Contact us!

For any questions or concerns please contact your local seller.

We keep improving quality of service which our products provide and all the feedback is always important and much appreciated. Send us your thoughts at app@eldesalarms.com.

Sincerely yours,
Eldes Team

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