Dear ELDES partners,

Today the global spread of COVID -19 is impacting every one of us. We put people first and safety is our highest priority. From Monday, March 16, we have taken the actions to contribute the global fight with COVID-19. ELDES office continues working remotely and there will be no impact to our partners. Thank you, ELDES family, for being insightful, proactive and open accepting the new challenges. Our company values help us and our partners feel secured about the planned orders and shipments.

For Our Partners

We know our partners need to ensure smooth delivery process of ELDES products all the time, and especially in times like these. We’re bringing the same creativity and passion to meeting this challenge that we do in everything else we undertake. ELDES continues playing a role of a trusted partner and ensures, that all forecasted orders will be delivered as scheduled and agreed. For non-forecasted orders we might have some delays due to the challenges in transportation. 

Production department is in the office and works fully in line with production. Following guidance to maximize interpersonal space, we are spreading our production department into 2 different offices and shifts and ensuring a safe distance working spaces. Extensive, deep cleaning will continue at all sites.

For Our Installers

We know our installers depend on installation of ELDES products all the time, and especially in times like these. 

We are reminding, that ELDES Utility tool is created for a remote configuration and administration of ELDES solutions remotely. We are hosting a free webinar on March 24 in English on the topic ADMINISTRATE ELDES SMART SECURITY SOLUTIONS REMOTELY FROM YOUR SOFA! Save your seat and register now here. Many useful information and tips will be shared. Follow our updates on our website and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) about the upcoming webinars and remote training.

As you may have seen, we have done many useful videos and webinars before and they are placed in our YouTube channel here.

For Technical Support Teams

ELDES technical support team is working actively to provide all the support and share their knowledge to help our global customers during this time. We suggest hosting more webinars and online technical trainings to your partners now. To help you, we have prepared a 10 step guide for planning a successful webinar and would like to share it with you here. Feel free to use our experience from our previous webinars and start planning your webinars.


We cannot express our gratitude and support to the whole medical personnel all around the world. To scientists, researchers, teachers and others. We are thankful to our partners and installers for your cooperation and adaptability.

We will continue to keep you informed if there are any changes.



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