Wireless control panel the ESIM364 from Eldes JSC is optimized for home security and business. It is up to 76 monitoring and 76 devices control through GSM or PSTN landline. This product is a security and smart home system in one.

ESIM364 allows variety of functions bringing safety and comfort. Easy to operate system ensures wide range areas of use where precise control is required. ESIM364 can monitor doors, windows, report about security breach, alert about fire and other dangers, control home temperature. The system adapts in business sector too. It generates data of sales, customer count – these are just a few examples. This panel allows to control and get information directly to your mobile device by SMS message, call, Eldes app. ESIM364 supports Contact ID protocol for monitoring stations.

ESIM364 is a developed version of previous ESIM264. Expanded technical specifications is the result of Eldes customers needs. Therefore standard dual SIM card support included. In case of network failure it provides 1 or even 2 connection backups. The system supports 4 partitions.

Integrated wireless transmitter assures easy Eldes accessories installation. ESIM364 contains a list of compatible devices in order to give a dinamic freedom: motion, temperature, sound, door, windows sensors, sirens, keypads.

Eldes production is an advance in security that enables quick setup, provides handy, effective solution for home and business and covers specific needs of customers.


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