End of Life for ESIM364

After the amazing 6 years together we want to say thank you to our hybrid alarm control panel with GSM/GPRS communicator ESIM364. The official EOL date is December 31, 2019.

Our clients enjoyed this hybrid alarm panel, so did we. That is why 2 years ago we have launched our new generation hybrid alarm panel ESIM384, which is faster, smarter, more intuitive and easier to use.

5 facts to know for the current ESIM364 customers?

If you are using our hybrid alarm panel ESIM364, probably you have some questions after the announcement about EOL. What will happen for your panel from the 1st of January, 2020. Please find the frequently asked questions, we have received from our customers below.

  • ELDES Security App will be available for all ESIM364 users;
  • Your hybrid alarm panel ESIM364 will work with full communication channel scope as usual (ELDES Security App, calls, SMS);
  • There will be no possibility to buy ESIM364 after the 1st of January, 2020.
  • Technical support of ESIM364 will be available as usual;
  • The warranty period for ESIM364 is 2 years starting from the production date.

Whats the difference between ESIM364 and ESIM384

Probably you think that these panels have a lot in common and You are right, that was at the day when ESIM384 was launched. But now You will notice they are fundamentally different. ESIM384 has taken the best features of ESIM364 and during the past few years has become the flagman in more than 70 countries, where ELDES products are being sold. Product comparison chart focus on the main differences between both alarm panel solutions.

Alarm Panel TypeNew Generation Wireless HybridHybrid
Number of wired zones on board8 (ATZ mode: 16)
6 (ATZ mode:12)
Number of supported wireless devices6432
Number of zones MAX14476
Number of supported 2-wire smoke detectorsUp to 8NO
Wireless communication rangeUp to 3000m in open areas*Up to 150 m in open areas
FOTA (Firmware-over-the-air)YESNO
New generation ELDES devices support (EWKB5, EWS4)YESNO
Firmware updates and upcomming new featuresYESNO

* With new generation ELDES devices

ESIM384 improvements for the installers

  • Innovative wireless technology from ELDES, which provides 3 times longer wireless range up to 3000 m. in open areas;
  • Firmware updates using FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) function, free of charge;
  • 8 wired zones on-board;
  • 64 supported wireless devices;
  • Possibility to connect  2-wire smoke detectors directly to the alarm panel;
  • 5 times faster to add the device to the Cloud server via ELDES Security App;
  • Improved Time Synchronization over GSM network. Additional time synchronization parameters (“Automatic Time Synchronization”);
  • Additional SMS notification settings were included, which allow users to select 3 different options:
    • SMS disabled – this feature will result in no response from commands STCONFIG and FOTA. If required, for remote connection, device IMEI could be found in “Location Settings” of the mobile app,
    • SMS only to CMS (Central Monitoring Station),
    • Full SMS support;
  • Smart Security duplicate events protection was added;
  • EWKB4 4 partition mode is included. If mode is on, the partitions can be switched by pressing and holding buttons 1-4;
  • Improved „Low battery“ notifications detection on wireless devices;
  • Improved RF communication algorithm. Communication to wireless devices is restored faster after restart, if one of wireless devices is not responding;
  • Improved SMS message sending algorithm and sending SMS message takes less time.

What new updates are coming in November 2019?

  • Pulse control on mobile app – open gates or garage doors remotely and securely;
  • EKB2 keyboard QuickActions;
    • Up to 10 actions
    • Open gates/light up entrance/
    • Arm system quickly, with one button press
  • 32 automation scenarios and more actions;
    • Arm Stay
    • Disarm Stay
    • Flexible partition selection
  • Redesigned automation layout;
  • Improved data consumption and speed.

All features are available on ESIM384 updating alarm panel using FOTA (Firmware-over-the-air) free of charge!


Peripheral device improvements with ESIM384

  • EWK2 black keyfob range and feedback improvements;
  • EWD3 battery calculation is improved;
  • EWP3 battery calculation is improved;
  • EWS2 battery calculation is improved;
  • Compatible with new Eldes siren EWS4;
  • Communication with EWKB4 is improved;
  • General EWKB5 improvements have been made;
  • General EKB2 improvements have been made;
  • EKB2 QuickControl – up to 10 one button action for smart home.

ESIM384 improvements for Alarm Receiving Centers

  • Manual SIM switch;
  • SIA IP DC-09 protocol can be sent over UDP (User Datagram Protocol);
  • Updated SIA-IP version, which supports 2007 and 2013 versions (including encryption);
  • ‘Time synchronization over CMS’ included. Allows date and time synchronization over EGR100;
  • ESIM384, used with ELDES software for any monitoring station EGR100, supports:
    • “Get device info“ command over EGR100,
    • New “Bypass“ command over EGR100,
    • New “Initiate Remote Configuration” command over EGR100,
    • New “Change device ID” command over EGR100,
    • New FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) command over EGR100;
  • Automatic Unit ID assignment improved, when default Unit ID 0000 is selected on CMS (ARC) section with EGR100 protocol;
  • If two SIM cards are used in the panel and backup SIM is switched to send events, CMS is informed with additional message that SIM card changed from Primary to Backup and vice versa. Also, active SIM card number becomes bold on EGR100 software on ‘All devices’ section.

Why 9 out of 10 our customers recommend ESIM384?

Periodical firmware updates within the last 2 years have empowered ESIM384 with many new features and functions. Our solution has changed the criteria people use in terms of choosing security and safety products from the way they are controlled to the way they are updated.

We completely revolutionized our clients’ experience by making ESIM384 easier to install and more intuitive. The ELDES Utility Tool helps to complete fast installation and allows for convenient system maintenance. That is why 9 out of 10 recommend us!

Now that home automation is a mainstream technology, how easy is it to make your home smarter? If you have a home security system controlled from a device like the Eldes Hybrid alarm control panel ESIM384, you already have the basis for home automation. Find more home automation scenarios you can make with ESIM384 here.

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