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Today, there is more and more interest in home automation or the smart home as it is also known. The possibilities are endless. Start controlling your lighting, heating or garage doors even when you are not at home.

We are happy to release free automation firmware update for our hybrid alarm panel ESIM384. Update the latest firmware version using FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) and experience 2 times more home automation scenarios. And we will not stop. Stay tuned and follow upcoming home automation news in 2020! 

Gate Control via ELDES Security App

Control your gates remotely using the ELDES Security App via pulse.

How to do it?

  1. Update the latest firmware version of ESIM384 using FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air);
  2. Set-up the output type to “PULSE ON” in ELDES Utility Tool;
  3. The update of your Android app is live. For iOS users the update is coming soon. (NOTE! The older iOS app version will function perfectly with the previous animations and icons, which you are used to.)

NOTE! During configuration with ELDES Utility Tool, you can select particular outputs to show in ELDES Security App.

gate control on eldes securlty app
home automation on ekb2

Quick control on EKB2 – glass LCD keypad

Open gates or turn on lighting with just a single button press. No need to enter a PIN code. It has never been so easy. You are able to assign new home automation actions to 10 different numeric buttons of your EKB2 keypad with the latest free firmware upgrade. Each action will be initiated by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds.

Suggested Quick Control Action Examples

What Quick Control actions you can use on EKB2? You can consider our suggestion, which are listed below, but feel free to adopt it for individual your customer needs. To start the action, you need to press and hold any of the below listed numeric button for ~2 seconds. No need to enter a PIN code.

  • Press and hold 1 on Your EKB2 to open Your garage door.
  • Press and hold 2 to open gates or barrier.
  • Press and hold 3 to turn ON/OFF the outdoor lighting.
  • Press and hold 4 to open solar blinds.
  • Press and hold 5 to close solar blinds.
  • Press and hold 6 for internal lights TOGGLE.
  • Press and hold 7 to Stay ARM your premises.
  • Press and hold 8 to ARM with exit delay.
  • Press and hold 9 to ARM your premises.
  • Press and hold 0 to reset the smoke sensor.

Configure Quick control actions on EKB2 for your client with Eldes Utility Tool using your PC, tablet or even a smart phone remotely. No need to visit customers premises.

2X More Home Automation Scenarios – from 16 to 32

  • 2x more Automation scenarios – from 16 to 32;
  • Multi partition selection;
  • New and updated system events:

– System Disarm from STAY
– Fire Alarm begins or stops
– Already existing 10+ system events

  • New output actions (switch ON/OFF for a time);
  • Redesigned Eldes Utility Tool layout for more intuitive and time saving configuration.
eldes utility automation update

Suggested Automation Scenarios

For your convenience, we suggest several automation scenarios examples bellow: 

System status control by the schedule

  • For example, you set-up the rules for your security system to “Stay arm” at 23:50 o’clock and “Disarm from stay” at 06:00 o’clock in the morning. It will greatly help customer to enjoy effortless arming/disarming day by day. If you are planning a vacation, you can easily arm your system as you are used. No additional changes are needed to be done. This feature is created to ensure your calm and safe night sleep

Lighting control

  • Turn on indoor/outdoor lights at a time of on alarm.
  • Control lights in line with ‘holiday settings’.
  • Turn on garage lights upon opening it.
  • Turn outdoor lights on for the estimated time of arrival.
  • Turn outdoor lights on if alarm is activated or motion is detected.

Automated alerts and actions

  • Close garage doors if they were accidentally left open.
  • Detect leaks, issue the alert and turn off water or gas supply.
  • Issue security alerts if intrusion is detected.

Shutters control

  • Open or close shutters and curtains at the pre-set time or depending on “holiday settings”.

There are many different ways to control your home automation system, and they’re all easy. As well as using the control panel manually, you can manage your system from a tablet or laptop, smartphone app, or even SMS message. The systems also gives you the flexibility to control different functions by different time of day, specified events, temperature or zone. To conclude, you are in total control with ELDES solution!

Being innovators in the security market for more than 14 years, we are always seeking to be one step forward. 2 years ago we have provided the basic steps of home automation to our customers in our hybrid alarm panel ESIM384, which became more than just a security solution. This is our first update on home automation and is completely free for the customers. Follow our news! More automation updates will come in 2020!

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