KeyBoB – Probably the Best Key Fob for Your Smart Home Control!

We are introducing you the newest masterpiece from ELDES. Meet KeyBoB – your new friend for your smart home security and control, which comes in 3 different colors to express your uniqueness and is extremely soft to touch.


KeyBob – One For Your Smart Home Control

Enjoy 8 configurable smart home actions with your new ELDES KeyBoB. It has never been so easy before. Control the lights, temperature or grass watering system at home, open or close garage doors, blinds or gates. For your and your family safety, use KeyBoB as a panic button with the exclusive – 1.7 km wireless distance. Empower your imagination and control any function of your smart home depending on your needs.



Be Different. Express Your Uniqueness

The new KeyBoB comes in 3 different colors, which were accurately chosen considering the newest color trends by Pantone (a global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries). Choose the classic black for yourself and comfort your kids or other family members by offering them their key fob in mint or coral. Let every family member feel unique. Make security colourful and stylish.


Love At First Touch

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. That is why we are sure you will love KeyBoB at the first touch. Covered in soft rubber coating, which protects your precious KeyBoB from splashes and drops, soft rubberized coating is designed for better grip and gives you a soft and smooth hold.

The Champion In 1.7 km Distance

KeyBoB pushes the boundaries of how far your key fob can work. From now, controlling your smart home and being 1.7 km away is not a dream anymore. Do not worry while you are gardening in the backyard or cutting the grass near the sauna house or swimming pool. Open the gates remotely for your guests with a single button click. Your comfort and peace-of-mind is the highest priority for us, that is why we have created KeyBoB – to make you feel at ease about your home.

LTC: Revolutionary New Technology For The Lifetime Battery

Being innovators in the security market for more than 15 years, we are always seeking to be one step forward. Today we present a revolutionary LTC (Lifetime charge) technology, which provides an unprecedented leap in battery life. Have you ever had a device which worked for 10 years or even more? You have never even dreamed about it and our engineers already made it real. LTC technology employs the usage of battery exclusively on the exact button press and completely turns off the battery usage when the key fob is not active. Welcome KeyBoB, the first key fob, manufactured with ELDES LTC technology.


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