We’ve got something really BIG and special coming this year – highly upgraded products and new features, so don’t forget to follow us!

Meanwhile it’s been busy few months here at Eldes own R&D department. And thus, we are pleased to present the latest products upgrades coming in March:


ET083 support on Utility tool

Faster installation
Intuitive configuration
Informative hints
WinOS, MacOS and Android compatibility


Pitbull PRO upgrade

3G mobile network support
915MHz frequency


Additional 915MHz frequency support 

EWD3 door/window sensor
EWP3 motion sensor
EWKB4 wireless keypad


ET083 and ESIM320 2G versions

Improved GSM connection stability

ET083 FOTA (firmware over the air) functionality

We always appreciate the feedback and suggestions from our clients! If you want to know more information about the upcoming releases, please contact your local seller or visit our website at eldesalarms.com.

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