Eldes JSC launches the GSM alarm system EPIR2. EPIR2 has integrated wireless module and allows up to 10 authorized users. It will immediately alert about the trespassing by an SMS or call.

Wireless security is quickly becoming popular among home and business owners. It is easy to install, no wires required.

User-friendly, self-install system is created for end users and professionals. It enables quick set up. EPIR2 can be used with other wireless devices to provide comprehensive security.

“EPIR2 is an outstanding product, because it supports Contact ID protocol for monitoring stations and has other smart possibilities. We can offer a competitive price which enables our international partners to meet new clients worldwide,” said Mr. Saulius Stravinskas, Eldes Sales Director.

EPIR2 is optimized for small residential properties, campers, vans and garages. It can also be used to protect offices, commercial buildings. With the variety of devices the GSM alarm system allows to create individual security solution and expand security up to 32 wireless sensors (extra PIRs, smoke, flood, magnetic door/window sensors).

Eldes offers a variety of software solutions too that help to control and monitor EPIR2 with a single click using Web, iPhone or Android.

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