ESIM384 v01.05.12

Welcome to the new version of ESIM384 – v01.05.12. This firmware finally brings the long-awaited support of 2-wire smoke detectors, which:

    • Frees up additional on-board zone.
    • Simplifies wiring (2 wires vs. 4 wires).
    • Is more affordable and easier to install.
    • Is available for all existing ESIM384 devices – just upgrade its’ firmware!

Other than that, it’s a regular update to boost overall performance of our system by making EWKB4 and EWKB5 battery life even better.

List of recommended 2-wire smoke detectors:

  1. Elotec EO007 – up to 6 units.
  2. Sentek SD119-2 – up to 8 units.
  3. Apollo orbis – up to 8 units.
  4. Everday EA318-2 – up to 4 units.
  5. Series 65 – up to 8 units.
  6. Rubezh EP 212-45 – up to 8 units.

New features

  • Support of 2-wire smoke detector. From now on, PGM C2 output can be converted to 2-wire smoke detector zone.
  • SIA IP DC-09 protocol can be sent over UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

Function changes

  • EWKB4 keypad zone is disabled by default – improves battery lifetime.
  • EWKB5 keypad zone is disabled by default – improves battery lifetime.
  • SIA IP protocol improved by adding „|“ symbols.


  • If alarm panel is powered up by USB only, Smart ID code won’t be generated.
  • Manual SIM Switch function will switch to backup channel if Primary SIM card can’t connect to the operator.

Upgrade the ESIM384 by using Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) and enjoy all of the exciting features right now!

Eldes Utility tool v1.8.0

In addition, v1.8.0 of Eldes Utility brings first wave of changes focusing on User Interface improvements and firmware version compatibility. It means that you will no longer have to update Eldes Utility in order to configure devices with new firmware.

New features

• Devices with any upcoming firmware will be supported by v1.8.0 Eldes Utility.
• Supports ESIM384 v01.05.12 and Pitbull PRO v01.05.00 firmware functions.

Function changes

• Clearer indication asking to save your configuration.
• Significantly reduced number of “got it” pop-up messages. Other pop-up messages will be disabled automatically after 3 seconds.
• Pressing “Write settings” button will leave you on the current window.
• Locked “Test time” setting by default.
• No longer needed to choose the device while connecting remotely.


• Correct message while adding RF device on remote session.
• Multiple ET083 fixes: SMS password request while connecting remotely, remote session ends after disconnecting from device.
• Status of wireless device is updated not only when the device itself communicates with alarm panel.
• Eldes Utility tool shows correct ESIM364 on-board zone status while connected remotely
• Improved overall stability to avoid unexpected crashes.

Download or update the latest version and enjoy smoother Eldes Utility!

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