Eldes JSC announced the addition of wireless accessories. The brand new product is a photoelectric smoke detector EWF1. Non-radioactive technology is ideal solution for residential and commercial installations. This type of detector contains sensitive sensor. It is effective in detecting smouldering fires. EWF1 is best suited for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, where large pieces of furniture are placed. The device is intended for use with ELDES alarm systems which support up to 16 or 32 smoke detectors.

Smoke detector sounds the alarm and sends out a signal to ELDES alarm system using the wireless connection. The system triggers the alarm. Removable detector cover allows easy cleaning. The device will not lock into the mounting plate without the battery being present in the battery pocket. This helps to avoid incorrect installation of the EWF1. The detector contains long lasting 9V battery.

Saulius Stravinskas, Director of Sales at Eldes JSC says: “EWF1 raises the level of versatile premises security. Smoke detector can prevent danger from inside the home.”

According to fire safety organizations worldwide, home fires are more prevalent in winter than in any other season. High costs of heating can encourage the use of alternative heating sources. Old and unfixed heating systems also increase the risk of fire. Experts warn to give your heat source careful attention and use it safely. The fire hazard can be minimized by the use of smoke detectors. Fire safety tip for additional awareness: make sure every level of home has a working smoke detector.

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