Old login to Eldes.lt

Dear customer,

If you were looking for eldes.lt/login but instead of the login page you were redirected here (URL), it means, that this remote ESIM110 configuration service is disabled and won’t be available.

What will it be now, when you still need to reconfigure your ESIM110 remotely?

Upgrade it to ESIM120 and use Eldes Cloud service (https://security.eldes.lt/en/user/login.html) for full remote access to the device’s configuration and user data base.

In order to begin, you have to:

From now on there will be no sms sending in order to access the device through the web, just go to https://security.eldes.lt/en/user/login.html, login and enjoy.

For additional help, please contact us directly.

Thank You for choosing Eldes!


Best Regards,
Eldes Support Team

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