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E Alarms Announces Evolution of ELDES Product Line and Upcoming Innovations

Vilnius, 2023 October 16 – E Alarms, which recently acquired the esteemed security brand ELDES, is proud to unveil key updates to the ELDES product line-up. This acquisition and the subsequent changes demonstrate our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Product Updates:

  1. Gate Controller ESIM320: The 3G version has been discontinued, with both the 2G and 4G versions still available to cater to our users’ needs.
  1. Wireless Touchpad EWKB5: This product will no longer be available. However, customers can transition to our other offerings like the EWKB4, or the robust wired EKB2 and  EKB3 versions. We are actively contemplating reintroducing the EWKB5 in a wired format with a larger screen and potential new integrations.
  1. Wireless Smoke Detector EWF1 is discontinued due to a complicated supply chain as well as the fact we are not happy with the battery lifetime.  We are fully aware wireless smoke sensors are necessary for a full – fledged alarm system (even though ESIM384 fully works with wired smoke sensors), so we are actively seeking partnerships with industry-leading vendors to source a commendable successor to the EWF1. 
  2. Pitbull 3G: This model is set to be retired. A limited 2G version remains in production, and we are gathering distributor insights to determine the introduction of a 4G version by 2024.

What’s on the Horizon?:

  1. ESIM384 Control Panel Successor: Get ready for the next-generation ESIM384 Control Panel, featuring 4G capabilities with a 2G fallback, a contemporary USB C contact interface, and 10 onboard inputs and WiFi extender, among other advanced features. First testing samples should be ready for Christmas. We will keep you updated.
  2. ELDES SIM Card Initiative: To optimize installations and ensure consistent service, we will be rolling out our pre-installed SIM card. This initiative will simplify APN configurations for installers and address the issue of clients forgetting to top-up their prepaid cards.

We acquired the ELDES assets not only because of sentiments and respect to our long-time partnerships, but also recognizing the unmatched potential and the value it offers to the industry. These product modifications and future introductions are a result of pragmatism, our seek for simplicity and building reliable products” said Rolandas Dranseika, CEO of E Alarms.


About E Alarms

Founded in 2023, E Alarms, now the proud owner of the ELDES brand name, is continuing the legacy of the security alarm and gate controller business. Our core focus lies in delivering simple, effective, affordable, and reliable products, services, and partnerships.


Press and sales contact:

Andrius Bruno Rimkunas
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Vilnius, Lithuania — August 28, 2023

E alarms Takes Over the Development of ELDES Brand and Ensures Quality Security Solutions

E alarms, established by two former founders of ELDES – Rolandas Dranseika and Vaidas Šerpetauskas, along with a team of experienced IT and sales professionals, is pleased to announce the acquisition of assets pertaining to ELDES’ security systems business. The company is fully committed to maintaining the legacy of the brand, known for its high-quality and reliable security solutions, and has already begun renewal operations.

“During a period when there was much uncertainty, we understood the concerns of our partners and clients,” said Rolandas Dranseika, Director of E alarms, UAB. “We want to assure everyone that ELDES remains a safe and reliable choice for security solutions. Our team is constantly working to continue and improve the product range.”

“Back to School, Back to Security Systems Business”

Starting from September, E alarms will begin manufacturing the most essential ELDES branded products, gradually filling almost the entire range of accessories by October. This update aligns with the renewal of educational initiatives through ELDES Academy, carried out in partnership with BK grupė.

Darius Griškonis, ELDES Product Line Manager at BK grupė, expressed his support: “The situation, which looked worrisome in the spring, resolved in the best possible way. With well-known and respected individuals leading this change, the desired outcome was achieved—I couldn’t have dreamed of a better ending. The entire BK grupė team trusts these people and is therefore positively inclined.”

Innovations and Changes

E alarms is already actively developing an ESIM384 4G version and will be phasing out 3G devices. At present, we are assessing market needs, speaking with partners, and deciding which underperforming products will be discontinued. We are reviewing keyboard options and various innovation possibilities with them—considering both the modernization of our own products and the integration possibilities with competitor keyboards. One of the key priorities is to ensure the functioning of ELDES Cloud, update mobile applications, and implement eSIM—partners say that SIM cards supplied with the devices and their convenient servicing are eagerly awaited in the market.

Thanks for the Trust and Loyalty

We thank BK grupė and the entire community of security system installers for their continued support and trust in ELDES’ vision and products. Our tech support channels remain unchanged—Aleksas Dilba will answer calls and emails. Soon, a new mobile contact will be added and a frequently asked technical questions system based on artificial intelligence will be implemented.

We are also grateful for the understanding—ELDES had stopped product manufacturing, and some products were off the market for several months. This has been a long and undoubtedly challenging period. We are doing everything in our power to ensure partners receive products as quickly as possible.

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