Communicators & diallers

Universal 2G/3G communicator ET083

Cost-effective way to upgrade any intrusion alarm system. 2G/3G communicator – a perfect solution for customers looking to upgrade their non GSM alarm systems.

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Universal GSM, PSTN gateway / communicator ET082

Upgrades any 3rd party alarm control panel. Reads serial bus. Add, backup or replace communication channels. Turning antiques into smart ones.

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ESIM022 GSM auto dialler

2 inputs, one output. Informs about a triggered alarm or electric device failure. Allows remote control of any electric device via a text message.

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Advanced GSM gateway and remote relay ESIM252

Provides GSM communication for any panel with PGM outputs, allows electrical device monitoring and control

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LAN Messenger

Micro-controller based device used to inform users regarding the state changes on digital inputs and control up to 2 electrical appliances connected

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