Software & Tools

Gate control WEB platform

A free tool for convenient working with Eldes gate controllers and remote object administration.

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Eldes Gates App

The solution will save you time and help you to manage your gate effortlessly. App lets you open and close the gate with just one touch, wherever you are.

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Eldes Security App

Check what's happening at home even if you are out. Arm/disarm your Eldes security system remotely, control home appliances or see what's happening at home live through HD video.

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IP receiver software EGR100

Receives information from Eldes control panels via GPRS and converts it to the popular MLR2-DG format used by third party monitoring stations.

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ELDES Utility tool for configuration

Professional software for installers, created for the extremely fast installations and convenient system maintenance.

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ELDES Configuration Tool

One tool for all of ELDES controllers and communicators. Configure, read, write setting locally, using USB cable or remotely, using GPRS connection. This tool is free, multilingual and includes help for installers.

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