End-of-life product: 2017-12-12

LED keypad EKB3W for ELDES alarm systems

Wireless LED keypad

Battery 3x1,5V Alkaline AAA
Simplicity in total control
Allows alarm system arming & disarming
Dimensions 140×100×18 mm



What is EKB3W?

EKB3W is a wireless LED keypad. Attractive design meets convenience. EKB3W allows GSM panel configuration via comfortable and flat push-buttons.

What is EKB3W keypad for?

EKB3W provides system control and configuration performed by activating the Configuration Mode. Enter the required parameters and values, 12 LED zone status indicators will keep you informed.

The keypad allows variety of functions, such as: turn on/off the heating or devices, change the password. Integrated sound signaler informs about successful/unsuccessful functions performance, informs about entry and delay time countdowns.

EKB3W allows alarm system arming & disarming, stay mode activation & deactivation, system parameter configuration & control. EKB3 wired version is available.

EKB3W is compatible with GSM alarm and control panel ESIM364 and alarm system EPIR2 and PITBULL-ALARM.

The keyboard uses two password levels – user and administrator. System configuration can be performed by entering administrator password and using programing commands.

Main features

  • Battery 3×1,5V Alkaline AAA
  • Allows alarm system arming & disarming
  • Dimensions 140×100×18 mm
  • Simplicity in total control
  • 12 LED zone status indicators
  • EN 50131 Grade2 Certified
  • Tamper switch: for enclosure opening and device detachment from the wall detection

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the prices of ELDES production?

To get the prices of the devices please check ELDES disributors’ Internet sites. Otherwise, feel free to contact out partners in your country/city by telephone or e-mail.

Can I purchase ELDES devices directly from you?

You can purchase ELDES production only from our distributors. If you have any ideas or intentions to create a new nonstandart device or suggestions how to improve our current devices contact us directly or our partners in your country.

Where can I purchase ELDES devices if your distributors are not available in my country?

Feel free to contact us.


Battery type1,5V Alkaline AAA type
Number of batteries3
Battery operation time~12 months
Wireless transmitter-receiver frequency868 MHz
Range of operating temperatures-30…+55°C
Wireless communication range30 meters in premises; 150 meters in open areas
Compatible with security systemsELDES Wireless

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