Single app for security & video monitoring


Less worry. More security.

Our home is turning into a place where we stop for a moment, calm down and relax. We now make it possible to feel like being at home at any time, with just one touch on ELDES Security App. Security and video monitoring via cameras in a single user-friendly app will make you feel even more comfortable and secure. Monitor the property from anywhere, check the situation quickly and conveniently in the event of alarm. Be constantly aware of what is going on in your home and make it completely safe for you and your loved ones.

Single app for security and video monitoring

Direct video & sound streaming

No limits on brands or numbers of cameras

Easy IP camera connection to the app


Same app. More possibilities.

Expand ELDES Security App opportunities by connecting any IP camera of your choice. No limitations for a specific brand. Choose what you love most. We provide you a responsive security for your home and your loved ones. Feel at ease no matter where you are: on holidays, at work or doing shopping. Your peace of mind fits in a single handy app!

Unlimited number of IP cameras

There is a possibility to add as many cameras at home as you like, to make it even safer. Monitor children’s rooms, living room, pantry, entrance door or gate outside. Now you can have as many cameras as your heart desires, no matter the size or type of property you own – whether it is a small apartment, a large house or your business premises.


Connect any IP camera

Now you can add any IP camera that meets your expectations – choose by brand, design, price or functionality. Whether you need to monitor outdoors or indoors, you can easily do it all with the ELDES Security App. The choices are endless! Take your chance to choose whatever you like.

Connect. Control. Secure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to add camera to ELDES Security App?

Please check the video here:

How does the solution work?

Please check the video here:

How to obtain an RTSP link for my IP camera?

For a detailed explanation, please follow the link:


What’s the difference between DAHUA integration and RTSP solution?

Please find the feature comparison table below:

PARAMETER DAHUA video integration RTSP video integration
Camera per location 4 No limitations
Camera brand limitation 1


No limitations

*all cameras which support RTSP protocol

P2P configuration option YES

*by scanning QR code


*Public IP address or Dynamic DNS needed. Port forwarding needed.

Camera livestream YES YES
Assign stream to zone YES YES
Video recording / screenshots from phone screen YES YES
Audio play from livestream YES

*if camera have microphone


*in cameras which have audio and enabled it for stream

HD/SD quality selection YES YES

*if camera added using manufacture mode

PTZ camera control YES

*if camera have this functionality

Video playback from SD card YES

*directly from app


*locally from SD card or NVR

Possibility to add NVR NO YES

*possibility to add different channels of NVR of any brand which supports RTSP

Update notice for users of DAHUA integration

For a detailed explanation, please follow the link:


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