Free Android/iOS application

50% faster

Wireless range
up to 3 km

Battery life
up to 3 years

Professional way to protect your property

The solution is based on powerful intrusion panel ESIM384 and contains convenient installation, multiple ways of control, security system expansion with wired or wireless devices, protection from fire, surveillance of home’s view and smart home features.

Our solution is developed for large houses but it can also secure small and medium-sized business.

Choose your way of security system expansion

Expand the security system with 144 wireless and wired zones: connect flood, temperature or motion sensors, sirens, keypads etc.

Wireless devices can make the installation much faster and easier: no wires, no drilling and no complicated installations are needed.

Control your home everywhere you go

ELDES Security mobile application is personal home security assistant in a pocket. Arm and disarm a security system, check temperature and events, view live stream from home and control electrical appliances from anywhere in the world.

Connect all of your family – our solution supports up to 10 unique users. The security solution can also be controlled via voice call or SMS.

Monitor you home's view via ELDES Security application

Integration with IP cameras allows end user to see an HD quality live stream via our application. Just in case if usual notifications are not enough.


Home automation

Together with securing homes our alarm systems allow to control heating, lighting and even garage doors via ELDES Security application. Additionally, monitor home’s electric energy consumption with our smart electrical socket.

Save your precious time – make scenarios and schedule a control of your home with up to 16 calendars.

Set up the alarm system in just a few minutes

ELDES Security is designed for quick and easy installation and configuration of security system. The first installation of ELDES Security system will be very simple, because a personal assistant – ELDES Utility Wizard (Beta version) – will help you to complete your first installation correctly.

You can also configure the system remotely to save yours and your customer’s time.

We value the feedback and experience of our customers who trust our security systems, and we keep our focus on their wishes for product improvement.

Fire protection

In case of smoke detection the device will immediately notify you via app, SMS or call.

The smoke detector also contains an integrated siren to alert you in case of danger while you are sleeping.

Technical specifications

Power supply 16-24V 50/60 Hz ~1.5A max / 18-24V 1,5A max
Recommended backup battery voltage / capacity 12V; 1,3-7Ah
Backup battery charge duration Up to 30 hours for 7Ah battery
GSM modem frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Number of zones on-board 8 (ATZ mode: 16)
Number of PGM outputs on-board 4
Number of zones via 2xEPGM1 16+16
Number of PGM via 2xEPGM1+EPGM8 2+2+8
Number of wireless zone 128
Number of supported wireless devices 64
Number of zones MAX 144
Support of temperature sensors (number) Yes (8)
Wireless band (ELDES protocol) ISM868 /ISM 915
Wireless communication range Up to 3000m (9843ft) in open areas
Communications SMS, Voice calls, GPRS network, CSD, Ethernet via ELAN3- ALARM
Communications Ademco Contact ID, EGR100, Kronos, Cortex SMS, SIA IP
Dimensions 140x100x18mm (5.51×3.94×0.71in)
Operating temperature range -20…+55°C (-4… +131°F)
Operating temperature range 0-90% RH @ 0… +40°C (0-90% RH @ +32… +104°F) (non-condensing)

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