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17 years of experience in security market

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17 years of experience

In more than 17 years of experience in home security market we have developed smart and professional security solutions that meet the needs of the client.

The latest central panels ESIM384 and Pitbull Alarm PRO have exceptional wireless range, long-life battery and can be easily installed.

Security system for apartments and small houses

The New Pitbull Alarm PRO is a professional stand-alone alarm panel for premises up to 150 m² and can be installed in less than 30 minutes. This is an ideal solution for client’s second home – summer house, vacation home, or some other location where the client is not constantly present.

The product features built-in wireless/GSM/GPRS modules, motion and temperature sensors so it does not require much space for installation.

Security system for large houses and business

ESIM384 is flexible and powerful hybrid alarm panel for premises up to 300 m² and has built-in wireless/GSM/GPRS modules. In addition, the alarm panel has home automation features – control of outputs (connect electrical appliances, heating etc.) and scheduler (up to 16 different scenarios).

PSTN and ethernet communication modules can be optionally integrated to expand the communication of ESIM384.

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Upgrade any non GSM alarm panel with our professional communicator

We know common problem –  there are a lot of different manufacturers with lots of different central panels.  Some of them (especially the older ones) might not have built-in GPRS/GSM module.

Our team has created a universal communicator that will not only provide the GPRS/GSM connectivity but will also allow remotely arm/disarm the security system.

Get your own application

Creating your own application might cost a lot. White-labeling our application will dramatically cut down the application’s development time and costs.

We have 5 years of experience in the development of the security applications so we can ensure smooth functionality as well as user-friendly use.

Video monitoring solution

The video surveillance technology for IP cameras is compatible with our mobile application and allows to see an HD quality live stream of home’s view. Additionally, the cameras which are connected to our security system can also be easily connected to the monitoring station.


Faster installation

An effective use of the installers’ time can be the key to success of the company. Our team created a professional ELDES Utility Software and thoroughly developed wireless devices to boost the installation time by 50%.

Additionally, using our software, the security solutions can be remotely configured, eliminating the need for installer to be in the location.

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