G4S Small Surveillance

G4S Small Surveillance is a solution for a country house, vacation home, or some other location where the client is not constantly present.

In 2016, G4S Esesti security company faced a challenge – growth of Estonia’s business security market has reached a peak and stopped growing. The company started to look for new opportunities to continue on expanding their business.

After a research the G4S Eesti noticed that there is a market of seasonal houses security that is being underused. Although, the company lacked a reliable all-in-one solution for small premises. Pitbull Alarm was exactly what G4S needed – a professional, pre-configured alarm panel in a motion detector with a an installed SIM card. G4S Eesti renamed the Pitbull Alarm to Väikevalve (what in English means “Small Surveillance”) and had a major success in season houses security market of Estonia.





G4S Eesti noticed that the market of seasonal houses security is being underused but the company didn’t have a reliable and certified stand-alone solution for small premises.

Why this solution?

Pre-configured for fast and easy installation

Expandable with multiple wireless devices

For premises
up to 150 m²

Free Android/iOS application

Customer feedback


  • Eldes and G4S developed a unique security solution that no other security company could offer
  • The news about the unique security solution quickly spread to the other G4S branch offices all over the world
  • Several other European security companies were interested in Pitbull Alarm solution

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