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EKB3 compatible keyboard for panels ESIM264 and ESIM364

EKB3 allows GSM panel configuration via comfortable and flat push-buttons. It is compatible with ELDES alarm and control systems.

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Touch sensitive keypad EKB2

Modern design keyboard with LCD intended to use with GSM alarm, security and management systems ESIM264, ESIM364

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Wireless shock and magnetic window, door contact EWD2

Compatible with EPIR and ESIM364, with temperature sensor onboard. Providing additional wired zone to keep your standards high

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Pitbull alarm system

Ready to use, easy to install GSM & Wireless intrusion alarm system.

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Wireless power socket EWM1

A power socket, which lets users to switch on/off and monitor power consumption of any 230V electrical appliance

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Wireless carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detector - EWF1CO

EWF1CO is a wireless electrochemical-based carbon monoxide (CO) detector combined with photoelectric-based smoke detector designed to detect smouldering fire.

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Battery powered GSM smoke & carbon monoxide alarm system.

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ELDES Cloud Services

Configure, monitor and control ESIM364, EPIR and ESIM120 systems. Use web browser, Android or iOS applications to take remote care of your belongings.

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Universal GSM, PSTN gateway / communicator ET082

Upgrades any 3rd party alarm control panel. Reads serial bus. Add, backup or replace communication channels. Turning antiques into smart ones.

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IP receiver software EGR100

Receives information from Eldes control panels via GPRS and converts it to the popular MLR2-DG format used by third party monitoring stations

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Backup power supply EBU1

Provides power for low power electronic equipment in case of main power supply failure

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Expansion module EW2

A wireless device intended to expand ELDES alarm system capabilities by providing wireless connection access to any third-party wired devices.

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Ethernet communicator ELAN3-ALARM

Ethernet communicator module for ESIM364 and ET082 ELAN3-ALARM

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Wireless indoor siren EWS3

The device is designed to notify the user by audio and visual signals in the event of alarm as well as in event of system arming/disarming

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Audio amplifier module EA2

Audio module EA2 is used to ensure duplex audio connection channel in Eldes alarm and control systems

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Metal enclosure ME1

Metal enclosure for ESIM264/ESIM364 panels

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Wireless keypad EKB3W

Keypad allows GSM panel configuration via comfortable and flat push-buttons

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ELAN-SNMP micro-controller based device

Device is used to inform users about the state changes on digital or analog inputs

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EPGM1 hardwired zone & programmable output expansion

Module intended for using with ELDES alarm systems. Compatible with ESIM264 and ESIM364 panels.

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Hardwired programmable output expansion EPGM8

Intended for using with ELDES alarm systems, compatible with ESIM264 and ESIM364 panels

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ESIM022 GSM auto dialler

2 inputs, one output. Informs about a triggered alarm or electric device failure. Allows remote control of any electric device via a text message.

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Advanced GSM gateway and remote relay ESIM252

Provides GSM communication for any panel with PGM outputs, allows electrical device monitoring and control

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Digital receiver ESR100

Reliable solution for monitoring station, provides communication via Internet, SMS (Cortex) and CSD

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Audio output module EA1

Module is used to ensure duplex audio connection channel in Eldes alarm and control systems

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Wireless smoke detector EWF1

Wireless photoelectric-based smoke detector designed to detect smouldering fire before bursting into flame

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Wireless keyfob EWK2

Wireless device intended to remotely arm and disarm ELDES alarm system

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EWK2A panic button keyfob

Keyfob model features one configurable button. Compatible with ESIM364, EPIR2, PITBULL-ALARM

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Wireless signal repeater EWR2

Expands the wireless signal range between Eldes alarm systems ESIM364, PITBULL-ALARM and wireless devices

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EWS2 wireless outdoor siren

Wireless outdoor device with built-in siren speaker. In case of alarm, the siren provides a sound for one minute

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LAN Messenger

Micro-controller based device used to inform users regarding the state changes on digital inputs and control up to 2 electrical appliances connected

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Eldes Configuration Tool

One tool for all ELDES devices. Configure, read, write setting locally, using USB cable or remotely, using GPRS connection. This tool is free, multilingual and includes help for installers.

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Wireless pet immune motion detector EWP2

High standard certified motion detector for EPIR and ESIM364 control panels. Encoded two-way transmission, 90 degrees detection angle, 10 meters distance.

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AC/DC Adapter

Adapter with 100-240V AC ~ 50/60 Hz 0.35A max input and 15V DC 1000mA max output

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Touch memory iButton with plastic holder

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PK051 plastic enclosure

Optional plastic enclosure for installing ESIM252 system in automatics boards or on DIN rail

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Mini USB cable

Mini USB - USB 2.0 data cable for configurations via USB port. Supported by Eldes devices.

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Plastic enclosure ED1

Plastic enclosure ED1 for iButton key reader, buzzer. Modified package EDT1 includes temperature sensor.

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EWT1 wireless transmitter

Wireless transmitter EWT1 is add-on module for ESIM264

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Flat GSM antenna

GSM antenna with an SMA type connection

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DS18B20 digital thermometer

The DS18B20 digital thermometer provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature measurements and has an alarm function

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GSM antenna

GSM antenna with magnet mounting

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Plastic enclosure IP66

P66 rating plastic enclosure for Eldes devices. It is two part assembled enclosure with four plastic screws.

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Supported by all ELDES devices. Wire length - 1 meter.

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Flood sensor EFS1

Flood sensor that works with wireless magnetic door sensor EWD2. EFS1 is designed to cause an alarm if a flood sensor is triggered.

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