About company

The short history


ELDES was founded by 3 engineers in 2005. Since then company grew to 70 people with an inherited mission to create smart and easy to use home security and automation solutions.

ELDES has ability to learn and quickly adopt wireless and other technologies when performing research and development of professional electronic alarm systems. Company culture is built on 5 core values: customer experience, responsibility, innovativeness, going the extra mile and teamwork.

ELDES team


We are proud to have 70 people in our team. 15 of them work in Kaunas manufacturing and logistics, others reside in Vilnius headquarters. R&D department alone employs 20 fantastic electronics engineers, programmers, project leaders and quality assurance talents!


ELDES product portfolio

  • Intruder alarm systems – control panels and wireless accessories
  • Remote automation and monitoring solutions, such as gate controllers, GSM switches
  • Standalone smoke detector with GSM module Fumerex

ELDES brands enhance distinctive user segments and espouse the values they pursue.
Pitbull-Alarm is a professional, wireless, Grade 2 system for small premises security. Fumerex is a smoke and carbon monoxide battery powered system. Meanwhile ELDES products are being successfully distributed through conventional intruder alarm channels.

Certified alarms system solutions

All security products are being certified with EN50131. ELDES is an ISO9001 company, and we also work hard to learn Design thinking, Good manufacturing practices, LEAN, Agile concepts and tools.

International experience with ELDES partners


ELDES is delighted to work with value added partners in it’s selected markets, mainly European union with some nice exceptions. Distribution partners heavily influence product portfolio management priorities, educate installers and retailers and carry extremely important branding strategies in their countries.

Testimonials and referrals


Konstantin Sukhanov, CEO of SUNROS, Russia
ELDES has proven to be a promising security equipment brand. Skilled professionals, who can create quality goods from scratch and are able to meet the customer’s needs, are the company’s key to success.


Carlo Hruby, CEO of DIAS, Italy
We are confident ELDES products are becoming ever more popular in our market thanks to their complete range of products, their tailored solutions, stylish design and user friendly approach to users in both residential and commercial applications.


Peter Schuster, CEO of SLOVAK ALARMS, Slovakia
We cooperate with ELDES because of their high quality products for a highly competitive price. But what I appreciate the most is their willingness to listen to customer’s needs and to implement requested features very promptly.