Seventeen years ago, our journey began as a start-up with an ambitious vision to bring innovation in the security alarms market. From its humble beginnings as a small Baltic company, ELDES grew to become a renowned leader in the security manufacturing market, distributing products to over 70 countries globally. Over the years, we produced more than 1 million IoT devices, dramatically enhancing our customers’ experience with premium-quality security products that are smarter, more intuitive, and user-friendly. In 2023, ELDES’s security alarm and gate controller assets were acquired by E alarms. This new chapter carries forward our commitment, as E alarms is determined to continue developing security alarms business solutions and upholding the ELDES legacy.

ELDES provides solutions for:

Our range includes home and small business security alarm systems.

At their core is a certified hybrid control panel compatible with wired and wireless accessories like sensors and keypads. Professionals typically install our systems, which connect to monitoring stations or the ELDES Cloud via apps or our website. An exception is the “Pitbull alarm”—a wireless system easy enough for end-users to install.

ELDES gate controllers are popular in gate and garage door automation.

They remotely control electronic systems using two relay outputs, activated by voice, text, or app. While they manage diverse applications like blinds and lighting, their main use is for barriers and garages.

ELDES values:

  • Customers are the most important part of any company.
  • This is why we listen to them carefully; we do have and will maintain the best customer service possible.
  • We don’t like corporate culture; we keep our word and promises and we respect people – we are all here working hard to do business, so let’s keep it simple, open and honest.

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