ESIM252 GSM dialler with 2 relay outputs

Software & tools: ELDES Configuration Tool

What is ESIM252?

ESIM252 is an advanced GSM gateway and remote relay. This device can be connected to any panel with PGM outputs and electrical appliances, where inputs need to be triggered.

ESIM252 lets create distinct scenarios for each input, output, or command you send. Direct call and SMS from/to mobile phone, and transmits standard protocols to alarm receiving center.

How ESIM252 works?

ESIM252 monitors up to 5 inputs, notifies up to 5 users (including alarm receiving center), according to pre-configured settings/scenario.

It also lets users and alarm receiving centers remotely control its relay outputs: switch electrical appliances, reboot systems, activate controllers.

ESIM252 can expand smoke detection, flood and similar systems as GSM communicator, dialer.


GMS modem frequency850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Power supply voltage10-24V AC/DC
Relay output2
Output typeNO (relay)
C1 output maximum commutating values1A/24V DC; 0,5A/125V AC
Event buffer1000
Authorized users5
Ways of configurationSMS, USB, Internet
Operating temperature-20…+55°C (-30…+55°C with limitations)


Download firmware archive:

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