EWM1 Smart Power Socket

EWM1 is a great device to start creating your Smart Home Solution. Remotely control your home appliances, monitor electricity consumption, create schedules and different scenarios according to your needs with EWM1. Make your home devices work for you!

Endless Possibilities

What can you control with EWM1? We can share few examples: shut down cameras when the system is disarmed, turn on the lights when you wake up, turn off the lights remotely when you are on holidays, turn on the air conditioning when the temperature is above 24°C or enable heating when you are going to your summer house. EWM1 will also protect devices from faults, such as overvoltage, overcurrent etc.


Power supply230VAC, 50Hz, protection class I
Rated load current12,5A (for resistive load – 2,8kW)
Power consumptionUp to 1W
Electrical outletType E (EWM1-E)/ Type G (EWM1-G)
Wireless bandISM868
Wireless communication rangeUp to 30m (98.43ft) in premises; up to 150m (492.13ft) in open areas
Range of operating temperatures-20…+45°C (-4… +113°F)
Dimensions95×53×71mm (3.74×2.09×2.80in)
Compatible with alarm systemsELDES Wireless

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