EFS1 Flood sensor

What is it?

EFS1 is a flood sensor that works with wireless magnetic door sensors EWD2 and EWD3.

EFS1 is designed to cause an alarm if a flood sensor is triggered.

What it does?

Compact size suits for shallow door frame and allows to install the  device precisely on spot needed.

A multifunctional EWD2 or EWD3 can be also used as magnetic door contact, shock sensor or digital sensor, allowing to know about flooding or breakdown threat.


Cable length1m
Dimensions63 × 15 × 14 mm



Which Eldes devices support connection with EFS1?

EFS1 can be connected to EWD3/EWD2 Wireless magnetic sensors.


I have connected EFS1 to EWD3/EWD2, how to activate it to detect water leakage?

When EFS1 is connected to EWD3/EWD2 terminal blocks make sure to activate flood sensor zone in configuration:

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