Individual houses and apartments

All in one solution for home owners

With over 1 mln. IoT devices made so far, ELDES gained trust from installers and home owners for its robust, reliable and convenient security alarm and automation systems.

There are main 3 reasons to choose ELDES:

  • Hybrid control panel
  • Wide range of wireless accessories
  • Flexible automation opportunities

Hybrid control panel

ESIM384 and the upcoming ESIM484 are among the most powerful intrusion panels in the market. Installers love it because of reliability and convenient installation; home owners like multiple ways of control, security system expansion with wired and wireless devices (no need to cut walls for the new sensors), protection from fire, surveillance of home’s view and smart home features..

Wide range of wireless accessories

When there are wires installed, it’s all simple and clear – you get the sensors you like and connect it to the control panel. But what if plans changed and now we need to add wireless sensors or controllers? This is why hybrid panels are so useful. Choose an alarm system vendor who has the required set of wireless devices – something like ELDES. Now you can add new accessories and upgrade your alarm system seamlesly.

Automation and convenience

ELDES Security mobile application is personal home security assistant in a pocket. Arm and disarm a security system, check temperature and events, view live stream from home and control electrical appliances from anywhere in the world. 10 unique users can also be controll the system using an app, voice call or SMS.
ELDES alarm systems also does allow to control heating, lighting and even garage doors using the App. Save your precious time – make scenarios and schedule a control of your home with up to 16 calendars.

This is why ELDES security alarm system is well recognised by our current users and partners

  • Installers like reliable systems; home owners want simplicity. They get it with ELDES .
  • Hybrid means expanding system with wireless devices at any time.
  • Mobile application does not only the alarm, but also smart home functions, too.

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