GSM gate controllers

ESIM320 – the commander for gates

It’s a well known secret – the biggest gate and barrier players in the industry rely in ESIM320 devices when it comes to remote control. There is an explanation – for this: ESIM320 is simple yet robust solution that does not fail the user.

Why choose ELDES Gate controller?

  • Lots of functions under the hood
  • Same device, many use cases
  • Flexible control options

Powerful enabler

ESIM320 is designed for simple parking lot control of residential houses or gate control of private houses. ESIM320 allows to create up to 2000 unique users, which is enough for huge object service with just one gate controller! Area’s entry and exit may authorised either by a single phone call or by an individual schedule, and restricted according to a number of phone calls  or a specified deadline. ESIM320 has 2 relay outputs. and 3 digital inputs.

ESIM320 versatility

With just one device installers solve different use cases: parking entrance control, yard gate, barrier and garage door control, control of electric appliances: lightings, watering, pumps, electric curtains. Also, there are clients using ESIM320 to remotely reboot servers, network switches. There are 3 different device enclousures: the EBOX enclosure is ideal for small indoor installations and different spaces, such as a home or a garage; the IP-66 is a waterproof case, making it ideal for outdoor installations; the DINRAIL enclosure is designed to to fit in on standard rail in the installation box.

Controlling and maintaining

ESIM320 can have up to 5 admins at the same time. Remote configuration of the gate controller using the web platform and regular self-test ensure extremely easy maintenance. ESIM320 event log allows you to save and check a list of events in chronological order (up to 1000 entries total). The outputs can be managed by Calls (control by a regular phone call or using a voice assistant (i.e.Google Assistant or Siri)), Mobile App (Eldes Gates widget for Android users and Eldes Gates app for iOS users). Admins can allso have access using SMS and web platform.

ESIM320 is one of the most powerful remote controllers, relying on GSM.

  • Wide range of applications with single device
  • Different ways to configure and control.
  • 4G and 2G versions available.

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