Security & monitoring companies

Professionals require quality

ELDES has a long history of working with the best known software vendors, alarm and security monitoring stations. It’s a complex industry, therefore certain certifications and requirements have to be met to get and stay in the industry.

Why professionals work with ELDES

  • Standard protocols and integrations available
  • Superior product quality and great resolution time
  • Flexibility in customisation and upgrading the systems

Industry loves standards

It’s not only about CE or EN14604 or Grade 2/3 certifications. We are still using obsolete ContactID protocols in some regions, as well as SIA IP on others, not to mention specific, proprietary protocols on specific projects or companies. ELDES control panels do this, and even more. We are proud to be among a full-fledged security alarm companies in the world.

Product quality

Every return to repair the system is a loss of money for the business. Every service provider and installer is looking for reliable, robust, quality product to install and avoid problems in the future. Remote configuration is also de-facto standard in the industry, and ELDES is proud to fully support it, as well as the resolution time for known issues is incredible – ELDES is a small company with engineers at its core, so it takes absolute minimum to get it done.


Every business and service has it’s own nuances to be added. ELDES is proud to be able to solve it: integrations, specific protocols, or customisation is a natural part of our job.

Why alarm monitoring companies are choosing ELDES?

  • Small, quick to react company
  • Lots of available integrations and flexible configurations
  • Unbeatable product quality, full remote configuration

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