Metal enclosure ME1

What is it?

ME1 is aligned to work with Eldes products: security control panel ESIM264, ESIM364, ESIM384 auto dialler ESIM252.

What it does?

ME1 is mounted with additional accesories: electricity transformer, fuse and tamper switch.

This enclosure fulfill the requirements of fire and electrical shock safety standards. It’s convenient for installation and operation.

Can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs through additional accessories.

Main features

  • Fuse 315mA
  • Tamper switch (wall and door)
  • Transformer included (40VA, 18V, IP20)


ransformer typeTRP 40VA/16V/18V
Primary voltage230V AC
AC voltage U1, U216V, 18V
Tamper switchYes
ME1 dimensions260×260×90mm

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