End-of-life product: 2017-05-26

Battery powered GSM intrusion control panel ESIM4

Perfect for those places where power is an issue

Battery powered: up to 2 years of battery time
10 phone users
Standalone alarm panel with ARM/DISARM function
Supports 8 digital temperature sensors



What is ESIM4?

IP65, battery powered standalone GSM intrusion alarm panel. The device is fully autonomous and does not require any additional power sources.

How ESIM4 works?

ESIM4 is a talented sleeper. This is to save power. However, ESIM4 will wake up in the folowing cases: scheduled event, vibration/motion sensed, state changes, to get your command or new configuration.

Its intelligent power saving techniques extends  battery lifetime – it should last approximately 2 years, depending on usage. Also ESIM4 can check inputs, status, feed auxiliary terminal, in case your sensors need power, measure sensor data and will call/text up to 10 users. ESIM4 is able to gather temperature from up to 8 temperature sensors and has microphone connector in case client needs audio confirmation.

 Where to use ESIM4?

Intrusion alarm panel

Solar, wind energy plants

Remote construction sites, garages, containers

Sensor data monitoring at remote areas

Temperature/status monitoring

Main features

  • 10 users
  • 2 years of battery time
  • 2 inputs (4 in ATZ mode)
  • 1 open collector 200mA 30V output
  • 1 aux terminal (12V, 200mA)
  • Connect Analog sensors (4..24mA)
  • Connect Discrete sensors (0..3V)
  • Configuration SMS or USB
  • Arm/Disarm via Touch Memory interface/SMS


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the prices of ELDES production?

To get the prices of the devices please check ELDES disributors’ Internet sites. Otherwise, feel free to contact out partners in your country/city by telephone or e-mail.

Can I purchase ELDES devices directly from you?

You can purchase ELDES production only from our distributors. If you have any ideas or intentions to create a new nonstandart device or suggestions how to improve our current devices contact us directly or our partners in your country.

Where can I purchase ELDES devices if your distributors are not available in my country?

Feel free to contact us.


Battery type 1.5 V Lithium AA type batteries
Number of batteries 4
Current used in Sleep mode 30μAmax
GSM modem frequency ESIM4 - 900/1800 Mhz; ESIM4 Q - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Number of inputs2
Digital input value range0… 3000mV
Analog input value range0… 24mA
Impulse duration>600ms
Number of auxiliary terminals1
Auxiliary output values12V 200mA max
Maximum supported number of temperature sensors8
Number of outputs1
Output circuit Open collector output. Output is pulled to COM when enabled.1 R OUT
Output current200mA max
Supported temperature sensor modelMaxim®/Dallas® DS18S20, DS18B20
Supported iButton key modelMaxim®/Dallas® DS1990A
Dimensions115×90×56mm (4.53×3.54×2.20in)
Enclosure ratingIP 65
Operating temperature range-20…+50°C (-30…+55°C with limitations (-4… +122°F (-22… +131°F with limitations))
Humidity0-90% RH @ 0…+40°C (0-90% RH @ +32…+104°F) (non-condensing)

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