Pitbull Alarm – complete alarm panel solution
in one motion sensor

GSM intrusion alarm panel with integrated movement sensor

Remote configuration
Mobile and WEB Apps
EN 50131 Grade2 Certified



What is it?

The Pitbull Alarm is an intrusion alarm control panel, designed for houses, cottages, country homes, summer houses garages and other premises. Pitbull Alarm uses GSM/GPRS communication channels. The system alerts home owners via SMS, call, or mobile app notifications. It also reports to monitoring station, using their preferred protocols. Eldes Cloud Services included.

What it does?

Pitbull Alarm looks like a simple PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor. It has 2 PIR sensors, so is pet-immune (up to 40kg).
More importantly, Pitbull Alarm is a complete GSM/GPRS alarm system with integrated wireless module to pair up to 16 additional wireless sensors and controllers into one system.
There is also microphone for covert listening, temperature sensor and back-up battery onboard.
Pitbull Alarm installation consists of several simple steps and takes less than 5 minutes.

Main features

  • 10 users
  • Up to 16 ELDES wireless devices
  • Remote configuration with Eldes Utility tool.
  • Can be controlled via ELDES Cloud
  • Remote control and configuration using: mobile app, web, SMS or voice call
  • Pet immune motion sensor (up to 40kg)

Wireless module information

Built-in wireless module provides system expansion capabilities to Pitbull Alarm system by binding up to 16 additional ELDES wireless devices, such as smoke detectors, sirens, door/window sensors, flood detectors, keypads, keyfobs, wireless signal repeater, making Pitbull Alarm a really smart solution!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the prices of ELDES production?

To get the prices of the devices please check ELDES disributors’ Internet sites. Otherwise, feel free to contact out partners in your country/city by telephone or e-mail.

Can I purchase ELDES devices directly from you?

You can purchase ELDES production only from our distributors. If you have any ideas or intentions to create a new nonstandart device or suggestions how to improve our current devices contact us directly or our partners in your country.

Where can I purchase ELDES devices if your distributors are not available in my country?

Feel free to contact us.

Can I connect more sensors or a siren to ELDES Epir?

Yes, it is possible to connect to ELDES EPIR (with integrated 868MHz radio receiver-transmitter) up to 16 wireless ELDES devices (PIR sensors, expansion modules, sirens and etc.).


Supply voltage11-15V 500mA max
Current used in idle stateup to 50mA
Back-up battery voltage, capacity8.4V; 350mAh
Back-up battery typeNi-Mh
GSM modem frequency850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Operating temperature range-10…+40 °C
Humidity0-90% RH @ 0… +40°C
Back-up battery operating timeup to 24 hours*
Detection angle90°
Maximum motion detection range10m
Wireless bandISM868/ISM915
Wireless communication rangeup to 30m in premises; up to 150m (492.13ft) in open areas
Maximum number of wireless devices16
CommunicationsSMS, Voice Calls, GPRS Network
Supported protocolsAdemco Contact ID, EGR100, Kronos, Cortex SMS
BELL+: siren output commuted valuesCurrent - 150mA max.; voltage - 15V (Pitbull Alarm on external power supply) / 7V (Pitbull Alarm on back-up battery)
* - with ELDES Cloud Services disabled; with wireless transmitter-receiver module disabled

Where to buy?


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E-mail: sales@epcom.net
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