EWS3 Wireless indoor siren

Simply shaped EWS3 device has it all:  built-in 2 speakers and LED indicators backed by 2 tamper switches, operates with ELDES wireless alarm systems to ensure flawless security

What is EWS3?

Wireless indoor siren with built-in siren speakers and LED indicators operating with ELDES wireless alarm systems, powered by (4xAA) batteries for up to 18 months.

How EWS3 indoor siren works?

Simply shaped EWS3 device has it all: built-in siren speakers and LED indicators operating with ELDES wireless alarm systems to ensure security.

The device is designed to notify the user by audio and visual signals in the event of an alarm as well as in the event of system arming/disarming.

Two tamper switches prevent the enclosure from attempt to open or detach the device.

Main features

  • Visual alarm indication by built-in LED indicators: Burglary/24-hour/tamper alarm and fire alarm indicated in different colours
  • Audio alarm indication by 2 built-in speakers
  • 2 tamper switches: for enclosure opening and device detachment from the wall detection
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • EN 50131 Grade2 Certified


Battery type1,5V Alkaline AA type LR6 (IEC)/15A (ANSI/NEDA)
Number of batteries4
Battery operation time~18 months (might vary in different conditions)
LED indicatorsRed and blue
Wireless transmitter-receiver frequency868 MHz
Wireless communication rangeUp to 30 meters in premises; up to 150 meters in open areas
Built-in temperature sensorYes
Range of operating temperatures-5…+55ºC
Compatible with alarm systemsESIM364, ESIM384, Pitbull Alarm, Pitbull PRO
Sound level88dB



I cannot add the device to security panel

If you are unable to pair the wireless device, please restore the
parameters of the wireless device to default and try again.


How to restore default parameters?

1. Remove one battery from EWS3.
2. Press and hold the RESET button.
3. Insert the battery back to EWS3.
4. Hold the RESET button until LED indicator starts blinking.
5. Release the RESET button.
6. Parameters reset to default.


How to pair device to the system?

Please check the video guidance below:


Checking the device before sending it for repair

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