Wireless Motion Sensor EWP3

EWP3 contains an innovative dual PIR technology, precisely senses motion and immediately alerts the user in case of the first signs of intrusion. The alert will be sent only when both PIR sensors are triggered. This feature eliminates false alarms from pets or lights.

Simple and Flexible Installation

The installation of EWP3 is extremely easy. Remove the plastic tab from the battery and add the device to the security system with one click using Eldes Utility Tool. Mount EWP3 to the wall with 2 screws or just a duct tape.

Exceptional Performance

Innovative Eldes wireless technology enables users to reach an impressive, up to 3 km wireless range in open areas. Thick walls and multiple-store properties are no longer an obstacle. You won’t need to change the batteries every few months – EWP3 contains a smart battery-saving mode, which ensures the battery life-time up to 3 years!

No Unexpected Guests

EWP3 detects first steps of intruders with the innovative dual PIR sensor technology. User and security company are immediately alerted about the potential danger when both PIR sensors are triggered. EWP3 is designed to reduce the amount of false alarms. If you have pets weighting up to 40 kg, this is a great feature – it won’t trigger the alarm while your pets are home alone.


Battery type3V lithium CR123A type,CR17345 (IEC) / 5018LC (ANSl/ NEDA)
Number of batteries2
Battery operation timeup to 36 months*
Wireless bandISM868 or ISM915**
Wireless communication rangeUp to 3000m (-9843ft) in open areas
Detection coverage angle90 °
Maximum detection distance11 m (36.09ft)
PET immunityup to 40kg (88.1bs)
Built-in temperature sensorYes
Range of operating temperatures-10… +55°C (+14… +131°F)
Humidity0-90% RH 0… +40°[ (0-90% RH +32… +1 04°F) (non-condensing)
Dimensions124x 67x 58mm (4.88x 2.64x 2.28in)
Compatible with alarm systemsEldes wireless
* The operation time might vary in different conditions
** Depends on region



How to pair wireless devices?

Follow this video guide to pair wireless devices properly:


How to restore default parameters?

1. Press and hold the RESET button.

2. Hold the RESET button and watch the LED indicator quickly flash (for approx. 5 seconds.).

3. Release the RESET button.

4. Parameters restored to default.


What are the prices of ELDES production?

To get the prices of the devices please check ELDES disributors’ Internet sites. Otherwise, feel free to contact out partners in your country/city by telephone or e-mail.


CE conformity certificate

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