Wired LCD Keypad EKB2

This modern and stylish keypad will perfectly fit to any home interior. Soft touch buttons and informative LCD screen ensures the maximum level of user comfortability.

Everlasting Design

EKB2 is designed to be a perfect device for any interior: slim-line glass body with a touchscreen delivers the best user experience. Informative LDC screen displays a real time information about zone status, time, temperature, GSM level and possible faults. You can choose EKB2 from 2 colors: Midnight Black and Silver White for a perfect finish of your interior.

Stylish and User Friendly

EKB2 is a prefect device for the full control of your home security system: arm/disarm whole premises or particular areas, set duress code to silently alert the security company. The backlight of buttons allows to use the device even late at night or early in the morning. EKB2 can also be used as a back-up way for the security system configuration if you do not have an access to Eldes Utility.

Innovatively functional

Seamless control of household appliances, including lighting and heating, with a single button press.


Power supply12-14V DC 150mA max
Maximum keypad connection cable length100m
Built-in zones1
Range of operating temperatures0…+55°C
LanguagePossibility to customize language upon your request



Keypad is connected to the panel but it does not display panel status

We could advice to check these possible causes:

  1. The keypad can be registered to the panel only at the first start. If the keypad was connected to the powered on the panel, then make sure to reboot the panel from power.
  2. If more than one keypad has to be connected then make sure to use physical jumpers at the back of the product to ensure it is partitioned according to manual:

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