Wireless Keypad EWKB4

Battery-powered and compact keypad gives you the flexibility to install the product in any room or premise. Modern design and user-friendly interface meets any customer needs.

Simple and Flexible Installation

The installation of EWKB4 is extremely easy.  Remove the plastic tabs from the batteries and add the device to security system with one click using ELDES Utility. Mount EWKB4 to the wall with 4 screws or a duct tape. EWKB4 has additional wired zone which enables the connection of third-party detectors. This is a perfect solution for the lower cost installations. Multiple LED indicators provide exact information about different partitions, including system’s status and faults.

Exceptional Performance

Innovative ELDES wireless technology enables users to reach an impressive up to 3 km range in open areas. Thick walls and multiple-store properties are no longer an obstacle. You won’t need to change the batteries every few months – EWKB4 contains 3x batteries with up to 6-year battery life.

Perfect Add-on for ELDES Security System

EWKB4 is an extremely reliable and modern keypad which fits well in any type of interior. Soft push-buttons ensure a comfortable everyday usage. No matter you are coming home late or early, the LED backlight allows to use the keypad in any day time. You will love a built-in temperature sensor for monitoring a temperature of home, garage and other places.


Battery type1,5V Lithium AA type FR6 (IEC) / 15LF (ANSI/NEDA) or 1,5V Alkaline AA type LR6 (IEC) / 15A (ANSI/NEDA)
Number of batteries3
Battery operation timeUp to 72 months (Lithium battery)* or up to 48 months (Alkaline battery)*
Wireless bandISM868 or ISM915**
Built-in temperature sensorYes
Range of operating temperatures-10…+55°C
Wireless communication rangeUp to 3000m in open areas
Compatible with alarm systemsESIM384, Pitbull alarm pro, ESIM364
*This operating time may vary in different conditions
**Depends on region



I cannot add the device to security panel

If you are unable to pair the wireless device, please restore the
parameters of the wireless device to default and try again.


How to restore default parameters?

  1. Open EWKB4 enclosure in order to cause tamper violation.
  2. Press and hold the key .
  3. Wait until indicator lights off followed by flashing indicator .
  4. Release key and wait until indicator lights off.

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