ELDES Utility Tool

ELDES Utility Installers Area is a professional software’s upgrade for installers, developed from the feedback of our customers. The software is designed for extremely fast installations and convenient system maintenance. This is a handy installer‘s workplace with lots of thoughtful features and capabilities that are barely seen in the market!

All your ELDES installations in one place

Enjoy an updated and even more user-friendly ELDES Utility software! With Installers Area tool, you can now manage your objects more conveniently, having all your ELDES installations and other relevant data in one place. Do you want to find your previous installations? Just connect to their configuration locally or remotely and you are done!

Access the installation card for any object

Discover the new feature – installation card and easily accessible storage of your ELDES installations. All configuration files – just one click away! Besides, you will definitely notice that now it is much easier to administrate your installations and solve any technical issues. Like taking notes and comments about your installations? You will now find the comments field in your installation section to make it much more informative. Save your time managing existing installations – make money on new ones!

One Tool for All Installations

ELDES Utility is one of the main reasons why installers all over the world choose us. The flexible software is developed to unleash a full system potential – configure ELDES alarm panels, accessories, communicators and adjust them to any customer needs using PC, tablet or even a smart phone. ELDES Utility can be used on Android, macOS or Windows and supports more than 15 languages.

Fast and Easy Installations

ELDES Utility is designed to save your time: it contains optimized user interface, system pre-configuration and many other time-saving features. Informative hints make it even easier – it feels like you are always assisted by ELDES professional. The installation manuals can be viewed and downloaded directly from ELDES Utility. Your installations will become 2 times faster!

Latest news and promotions – one finger tap away

ELDES Utility is improved with a new Promotions section, to keep you informed about our latest news, upcoming events and relevant promotions taking place in your country! You don‘t have to check different websites or visit your partners to find out the information you need. Just open ELDES Utility, click on the banner you are interested in and you will see more information right away.

ELDES Utility Wizard

Your first security system installation has never been easier. Introducing the ELDES Utility Wizard, your personal assistant to help you complete your first installation of the hybrid security system ESIM384 and the standalone alarm system Pitbull Alarm PRO smoothly and easily.

Configure and control your system using a language you understand (CZ, FI, FR, HU, IT, LT, SK, RU, EN, PL, ES). Available on Windows platform.

Convenient Remote Configuration

ELDES Utility allows to configure the security system remotely. You can add/remove users, assign rights on specific areas, remove wireless devices and fully configure ELDES Security System. Data encryption and additional security codes ensure the maximum level of safety during remote connection.


Supported operating systems (OS)Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11, Android 4.4+ or Mac OS 10.5 – 14.4.1
Software languageEN, LT, RU, ES, IT, PT, FR, SK



What devices can be configured with Eldes Utility

Security panels ESIM384, ESIM364, Pitbull alarm (Pro), Communicator ET083.

Free Downloads

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