Personal security assistant in your pocket

Secure your home from anywhere in the world in the most convenient way

Wireless touch keypad EWKB5
Remote control of security system
Video surveillance
Home automation
Free of charge

Convenient, easy and most importantly secure!

  • Arm or disarm multiple areas of premise
  • Customizable push notification alerts
  • View live stream and recordings via IP security cameras
  • Control any electrical appliances, garage doors, lightning etc.
  • Monitor temperature of any part of your home
  • System status and event history

Easy administration of your security system and property

  • Create and administrate up to 10 users
  • Set custom areas that other users can control
  • Customizable push notification settings for all users
  • Support of multiple systems for your secondary properties
  • Set your favorite pictures for each security system and its’ partitions
  • Security system migration to other account

Real-time protection with Dahua video surveillance

  • See HD quality live stream of your home
  • Playback archived recordings from cameras’ SD card
  • Full event and recordings history list
  • Take screenshot or videos and save them locally on your phone
  • Get alarm notifications with direct stream from assigned camera


Supported operating systems (OS)Android (from 4.4) and iOS (from 8.0)
Software languageEN, LT, RU, IT, ES, FR
Software version2.1.0
Max. number of users10
Max. number of systems10
Supported Eldes alarm panelsESIM384, Pitbull Alarm PRO, Pitbull Alarm, ESIM364 (from version 02.10.00)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When registering panel to Smart Security App screen gets stuck and shows 0%

If you are connecting your security panel (only ESIM364/ESIM384/Pitbull/EPIR3/Pitbull PRO) to Smart Security App and you see this screen for few minutes, please check following settings:

1. Make sure you’ve enabled and saved Cloud Services on your panel (First time registration must be performed using SIM card with mobile data on it, even though you are using ELAN3 module. You can change Cloud Service connection using Eldes Utility -> Cloud Services, Communication Settings. After registration is completed using SIM card, you will be able to use App using ELAN3 module).
2. Make sure SIM card inserted to your central panel has available mobile data.
3. Make sure you typed correct APN settings if it’s needed. To find out APN settings please contact your network operator.
4. Make sure remote configuration session has ended.
5. You can restart your panel for changes to take effect faster if App doesn‘t start after few minutes

Where can I find detail instruction about of Smart Security App?

Where to find Eldes security app for Android?

In Google Play Store.

Where to find Eldes security app for iOS?

What can be done with ESIM364 and ESIM384 through app?

By using ELDES SECURITY app, it is possible to:
•arm and disarm all 4 partitions;
•arm and disarm all 4 partitions in stay mode;
•control up to 48 PGM outputs;
•monitor up to 8 temperature sensors;
•check Log Events, Alarm Events and System Faults.

What I can do with Pitbull Alarm and Pitbull Alarm PRO through app?

By using ELDES SECURITY app, it is possible to:
•arm and disarm the system;
•arm and disarm the system in stay mode;
•control up to 32 PGM outputs;
•Monitor 1 temperature sensor;
•check Log Events, Alarm Events and System Faults.

Why cannot I see my devices on Eldes Security app?

Eldes Security app supports only these devices: ESIM384 (all versions) and Pitbull Alarm PRO (all versions);  and ESIM364 with firmware version higher than V02.10.00; Pitbull Alarm with firmware version higher than V01.02.00.

ATTENTION! We highly recommend you to update any possessed device to the newest firmware version, in order to avoid any unexpected inconvenience.

Every other device (including Pitbull Alarm with firmware up to V01.02.00; ESIM364 with firmware up to V02.10.00) is NOT supported by Eldes Security App.

What devices can still be managed through Eldes Cloud services web interface?

Following devices can be managed through Eldes Cloud services web interface: ESIM120 and ESIM320.

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