EWP-EXT Wireless Motion Sensor

Expand your home security system

Please welcome the outdoor motion detector manufactured by our Europe partners, which is improved with ELDES wireless technology. You can easily add this device to your ELDES security system thus extending the security of your property from the outside. Feel at ease by protecting your house, terrace, or even your yard with an easy-to-install and use device.

Exceptional Performance

ELDES wireless technology enables users to reach an impressive wireless range in open areas. Thick walls and multiple-store properties are no longer an obstacle. The motion detector is designed to reduce the number of false alarms. If you have pets weighing up to 20 kg, this is a great feature – it won’t trigger the alarm while your pets are playing outside your home. To prevent the device from reacting to your pet (up to 80 cm), it should be installed at a height of 1 meter.

No Unexpected Guests

Nowadays, anyone can hide the face with a mask, so your neighbor may not suspect anything if the unexpected guest visits your home when you are away. The device detects first steps of intruders with the innovative dual PIR technology and microwave sensors. You or a security company can be immediately alerted about the potential danger when both PIR and microwave sensors detect an intrusion. Now you can be sure that your home environment is always protected from potential unexpected guests.

Simple and flexible installation

The installation of an outdoor detector is extremely easy. Just attach the device to a flat surface and add it to ELDES security system with one click using ELDES Utility Tool. You are all done! Only a few steps and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is even safer!


Wireless bandISM868 or ISM915*
Wireless communication rangeUp to 3000m (-9843ft) in open areas
Compatible with alarm systemsESIM384; Pitbull Alarm PRO
Installation on the wallCoverage 15 m, 90°
Frequency microwave10.525 GHz
Alarm technologyDSP(Digital Signal Processing)
Detection distance5-15 m
Detection areas8 zones
Installation height0,8-1,4 m (1 m is suggested)
Detection modeSelectable: AND or triple AND
Power supply3-10 V DC
Protection polarity inversionYes
Low battery displayYes, via LED, minimum 2,7 V
Standby consumption<12 uA
Max consumption35 mA
Alarm contactNC-NO 50mA
Microwave settingTrimmer
Alarm time2s
LED displayBlue: alarm, Red: IR up and down, Yellow: Microwave
Detection Speed0.2-3 m/s
RFI/EMI Immunity10 V/m tra 0.1MHz-2 GHz
Light Immunity10000 Lux
TamperNC-NO 100 mA
ProgrammingBy dip switch
Operating temperature-20°C…+60°C
IP ProtectionIP54
Autocompesation IRYes
Warm-up time60s
Inhibition time3 minutes
*Depends on region



How to pair wireless devices?

Follow this video guide to pair wireless devices properly:


How to restore default parameters?

1. Press and hold the RESET button.

2. Hold the RESET button and watch the LED indicator quickly flash (for approx. 5 seconds.).

3. Release the RESET button.

4. Parameters restored to default.


Activation manual

Step by step activation and configuration instructions

Installation manual

Detailed installation instructions

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