Roller shutter security sensor ERS1

Full protection and security

The ERS1 wired sensor is designed to protect window and door roller shutters from intrusion or burglary. It is triggered by a set value of impulses when someone tries to physically open, close or damage window or door protection roller shutters.

ERS1 is compatible with the following ELDES smart security solutions: ESIM384Pitbull Alarm PRO.

Easy and comfortable set-up

For proper system operation one ERS1 sensor must be connected to the wired input of one EWD3 wireless magnetic contact sensor. The ERS1 is equipped with a high-speed sensor mechanism that detects any intrusion or sabotage eliminating the possibility of false alarms. In addition you can quickly and easily change the pulse counter settings using the ELDES Utility configuration software.


DetectionMicroswitch activated by sliding mechanism
ERS1 pulse4 / 6 ms
CompoundTwo contact terminals
Enclosure materialABS plastic
Length of wireApproximately 3 meters
Dimensions90 x 85 x 15 mm
Operating temperature range-20 ° C ÷ +55 ° C
Device compatibilityEWD3 (firmware version v1.6 and higher)



Which Eldes devices support connection with ERS1?

ERS1 can be connected to EWD3/EWD2 Wireless magnetic sensors.


I have connected ERS1 to EWD3/EWD2, how to activate it?

When ERS1 is connected to EWD3/EWD2 terminal blocks make sure to activate Tapparella sensor zone in configuration:

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